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By fleurbie79 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. fleurbie79
    I'm new to Back Yard chickens! I have had my 3 hens for the last 17 months.
    In this time we have had a few hiccups. Our chickens got attacked by the neighbours dogs - they survived!!
    We also had a plague of mites, which made the scales on their legs lift n go funny - I treated them with Magnesium Sulphate powder - We no longer have mite issues!!!

    Our Chickens names are: Cutie, Crazy & Rex - named by my boys!!
    Cutie & Crazy are smaller than Rex and they seem to get clucky very often - they stop laying eggs n sit on Rex's eggs!!

    We love our chickens, the initial intention was to raise them, eat the eggs and eventually them as well...I'm so in love with my chckens I can't bear to eat them now!!!
    During Cyclone Yasi I put them into my laundry, I couldn't bear to have them stuck out in the wind n rain!!

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