Flo A Life Story

By BantyChickenLuv · Jan 2, 2013 · ·
  1. BantyChickenLuv
    Flo, a Frizzle Cochin Bantam pullet, came to me as a 3 day old chick from Duane Urch. We had no clue what we had gotten, as we had Flo, McStud (who lives up to his name.) and a no name chick that died of unknown causes.
    First day home. McStud is the black chick, and Flo is the yellow one on the left. As a chick, she had a little red spot on her beak that helped me tell her apart from our other yellow chick.

    Fast foward a month, and it was time to take Flo and McStud to 4-H. McStud was an obvious cockerel from the start, and that was confirmed at
    4-H, as well as them being Cochins.
    Flo and McStud at 1 month, after 4-H.

    Flo, as she matured, became my favorite chicken I had. She was sweet, loved to be handled, and was adorable to boot. Flo also had excellent confirmation- Which made her an amazing show bird.
    Flo at 6 months after pre-fair.

    Bath time before fair.
    Then came time for fair. Flo always loved baths, and I often had to wake her up from cat naps in the tub. Flo, of course, did not agree with this, but was okay with it as she knew her favorite part (blow drying) came after the bath.

    At the fair, Flo fit right in and could easily be called the cutest one there. She did excellent in confirmation with a blue ribbon as well as BV and BB. Also, in showmaship, we won Grand Champion, which consisted of a belt buckle, a rosette, and another blue, along with lots of mealworms for Flo. Flo was an excellent teacher for me, as well as a great pet.

    Next show came and went, along with another bath and 2 new blue ribbons.

    The last show of the year had come and gone, and Flo was nearing one. Her new friends, a Wyandotte Bantam pullet, a Serama pullet, and a BR pullet we're setting in for winter.

    Flo and friends.

    For Christmas, the girls got a treat of wheat bread with oats and mealworms. As the days slowly started getting longer again, we decided it was time to re-do the Bantam coop to have a breeding pen for Flo, and my Bantam Heritage Rhode Island Reds I'm getting at the end of this month. The coop was to be a chicken heaven, with lots of room and places for treats. The girls stayed nights in carrying boxes, and we had to put the project on hold. Yesterday, we we're going to continue with it. When I went out to get the girls so I could clean the coop (again) for renovations, I found that Flo, and my Serama, had been killed on New Year's. I could not bear to see my girls dead. Flo, almost a year, was by far my best and sweetest bird. Something, a rat, we assume, got into the coop and killed them. It tried to take them with them but couldn't fit them through the tiny hole it had gotten in through. It was a shock for me and my family.
    RIP Flo.

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  1. arcy liger
    soory about the loss
  2. arcy liger
    in my coop rats infected it with disease and every chicken died in a week ..............
  3. texasgurl
    Oh I hate to hear this. Flo and the rest of your flock are just beautiful! My favorite chicken, Permelia, was killed last year by a dog we were fostering. I know your loss and I wish you comfort.

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