FLOCK 2011

Our flock plans took an unexpected turn in the winter of 2010/2011. Another weasel broke into the coop and as luck would
have it, he killed my 2 blue laced red roosters and the only surviving rooster was a white wyandotte. This left us with
a beautiful typed wyandotte but not of the color we were striving for. I had purchased this roo to help with the overall
type of our flock and he did well. We produced alot of splash chicks (mostly white with black markings) as well as a beautiful
blue laced white cockeral, a white pullet with red lacing and 1 blue laced red pullet.

The cockeral will be bred back to the blue laced reds and since he carries blr in his backround, should improve overall type, size and hopefully produce some blue laced red chicks. We have a 2nd cockeral that will act as backup, a black laced blue wyandotte and I have to say, if I have another dog or weasel attack, I think my blr breeding program will be done. I have had too many losses to a dog this yr and the weasels of the past 2 winters. Of the 3 breeders I got my original stock from, only 1 still breeds and only on limited basis.

Project 2012

Our new project will begin in the spring 2012 with working toward producing lavender wyandottes. Those will be a few years before we have good enough type but hopefully can move onto to a lavender laced bird down the road.

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