Flock Dispersal 2010

  1. lockedhearts
    May 2010~~~~ LockedHearts Farms Flock Dispersal Sale

    After much soul searching we have decided to thin back to a very few breeds. The Following are For Sale:

    Barred Rocks ~ 1 Rooster and 1 Hens $25 Great Fertility!
    Buff Sebright~ 1 Trio that is laying $45(SOLD) 1 Young Quad $35 (SOLD)
    Buff Orpingtons~ 1 Rooster, 4 Hens , great layers and great fertility. $100
    Blue,Black & Splash Orpingtons ~ 2 Flocks 1 Blue Rooster(SOLD), 1 Black Rooster, 2 Blue Hens(Sold) and 2 Splash Hens $ 75 each Trio or $125 for all (Trio 1 rooster, blue hen & splash hen)
    Various Breeds & Ages of Chicks & started birds : BBS Orpingtons, Houdans, Cochins, Silkies Starting at $3 & up
    Black Cochin Hen, laying , great mother, good layer $20

    Please email me for pictures and additional information. All birds are Non-Hatchery.

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