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Flock Pictures!

By TamingMaster, Nov 6, 2014 | Updated: Nov 7, 2014 | | |
  1. TamingMaster
    Hi everyone!
    I've been keeping chickens for about 2 years.
    And this is my wonderful flock! :D

    Lady Marigold:
    Lady Marigold is my unknown hen.
    She was my first chicken!
    I've had her for about 2 years.
    She is the leader of my flock and she is a little bit bossy... but, she is very loveable and caring. :p

    Lovey is my golden brahma hen.
    I've had her for about a year.
    She is gentle and very protective. :)

    Lady Egglantine:
    Lady Egglantine is my vorwerk hen.
    I've had her for about a month.
    She is adventurous and really friendly. :D

    Pinkie is my bielefelder hen.
    I've had her for about a month.
    She is gentle and quiet.

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  1. Wishapup
    That Vorwerk has the best colouring I've ever seen with pictures on the Internet. The black is so solid it even has a sheen to it! That pattern would be nice to see on all Lakenvelders and Vorwerks.
  2. ChickyChickens
    Awesome!!! I love your chickens!!
  3. Lilorp14
    Are those pinfeathers on the second pic of Lady Marigold . Lady Egglantine has beautiful coloring!!!!
  4. TamingMaster
    Thanks LittleBrownie and Xiao Casa!
  5. Xiao Casa
    Great photos ChickenShan! Congratulations on picture of the week!!
  6. LittleBrownie
    Nice job ChickenShan!
  7. TamingMaster
    Thanks Backyardflock1!
  8. backyardflock1
    Great hens and great pictures! :)
  9. TamingMaster
    Thank you TwoCrows!
  10. TwoCrows
    What a lovely flock you have!! :)

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