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By truss5755 · Nov 26, 2012 ·
  1. truss5755
    Hello from Central Florida! I'm a middle aged, ex-dressage rider/trainer. My retired husband and I own a small horse farm turned chicken farm outside Orlando. My story is typical of lots of chicken folks. I adopted a bantam Cochin roo and two hens about three years ago and almost instantly became a chicken-a-holic! I'm at about sixty and counting - all named and all much loved. My main hobby is spending money on them! I don't aspire to breeding show winning champions - just enjoy adding to our beautiful flock, collecting their gorgeous eggs and watching "chicken TV" each day. It's been a wonder and fun filled journey. Along the way I've met two "chicken buddies" who have become life long friends. We call ourselves the BHCC - Bleeding Hearts Chicken Club - so named by the local poultry dealer who scathingly described us as bleeding hearts chicken lovers. He's a friend now too. My latest quest is for layers of every beautiful colored egg in chicken-dom. That ought to keep me busy for a while!

    Thanks for reading this!
    Florida Chick

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