Hi everyone, I live in Florida on 10 acres on the east coast. I have around 60 chickens and hatch my own. I have made my own incubator from an plastic tub that I had gotten from Walmart. I had started out with a styrofoam cooler a lightbulb and a lower water heater thermostat. So as time went on I had gotten more into it.Now I have made and got a wafer thermostat which I love. And I had bought a egg turner. But soon I'll be building a bigger incubator.People that buy my eggs to eat say they taste 100% better than the store bought eggs.I use a cardboard box as a brooder.I now have a minifridge as a incubator.Sorry but everytime I try to add pictures they don't show.If someone could help me retry to post pictures I would be glad to give it a try.I use as my broswer Google Chrome.It won't let me post them in IE Latest update either.