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  1. Flowers of Abba

    custom crafts and gifts
    and chicken addict has FINALLY made a swap page.

    Side swap offers and requests are welcome.

    Saintly Salve:
    I created this special blend about 20 years ago when my first baby developed eczema. Made with calendula, comfrey, st. johns wort, and chickweed , steeped for months, in a beeswax and extra virgin olive oil base with lavender essential oils.
    value: 6.00 per oz. straight swaps will receive 2-3 oz depending on the containers available.
    Wonderful on cuts, burns , bruises and dry skin.

    100% cotton flannel double sided baby wipes / wash cloths.
    value:2.00 each - will receive 7 in a straight swap.​

    Additional prints are available

    100% cotton
    flannel print on one side birdseye weave on the other
    value: 1 straight swap or 15.00
    Additional prints are available

    flannel print on one side birdseye weave on the other
    value: x3 on straight swap or 5.00 each
    additional prints are available


    100% wool
    66 inch crochet scarf
    value: x1 on straight swap or 20.00
    additional colors are available

    value: x1 on straight swap
    Yes we make them[​IMG]

    2 dozen biscotti[​IMG]
    chocolate chip/chocolate dip
    cranberry / walnut
    lemon zest /white chocolate
    These are made to order
    value: 5.00 a doz or 2x on straight swap

    100% wool baby boots with ties
    many colors available
    value:12.00 or 1x on straight swap

    100% cotton face scrubbies
    Value:3x pack for 5.00 or 2x 3pk on straight swap

    crochet heart bookmark
    value: 6.00 or x2 on straight swap

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  1. Flowers of Abba
    Just noticed the comment!!! Sorry bout that. Check out my website - flowers of abba .com
  2. SoulCircusInc
    Hello! I just discovered "Swaps" on BYC, how fun! Do you have any pics of your wool baby boots?! Thanks, Beth :)

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