My Minibarn/coop
A while back, I had drawn up plans for a 10x10 minibarn to store our yard tools, bicycles, etc, and have a place where my DW could start her plants in the spring. Also, since I am newly married, on a, um, very limited budget, I needed to build it as cheap as possible. Me kinda being a nut about doing something right the first time, I didn't want it to look cheap. Where I work, I have access to plenty of pallets made with 2x4x8 supports. :D I also had some remnant pieces of 3/4 OSB that was about 14" by 8 feet long. Add to that, some nice pieces of 36" roofing my parents had laying around that was too short for anything else (52" is perfect!), and I'm loving freecycling! I only had to purchase lumber for the floor joists and ridgebeam, siding, and screws! My friend at work asked me why not go ahead and make it a 10x12. He said, you're gonna have to buy siding in 4 feet sheets, so, you'll need 3 for the side anyway. Metal is 3 feet wide. You'll need 4 of those. Why cut? Frame it and cover it! (Now why didn't I think of that? :p ) I figured I would find something to fill that extra 24" anyway. A couple months ago, while I was working on some DIY projects, a RIR roo came strolling thru the yard from who knows where and crosses the road (Yeah, ha- ha, no pun intended. He really did). A couple hours later, still working on more projects, I heard my Grandpa-in law, and grandmother-in law yelling at their huskie. I look up, and Skip is tossing a fluffy red squeeky toy in the air. After muttering something (probably not nice to repeat), I raced over and fought Skip off of the poor guy. He was a little banged up, but nothing I hadn't seen already, since I have been around chickens for most of my life. I cleaned the feathers from his wounds, then used peroxide and covered the openings with neosporin to prevent any flies from getting in them. I put him in a little pen out back I had made for our declawed cat. He healed nicely, and was kinda lonely by himself.

A quick trip to my parents remedied that.

Guess I found out what I can use the 24" for...
I started framing.

Rafters Next

Then the walls and roof.


The back two feet is for the birds.
nest boxes.

The inside with roosts, window, and nests

The Pop door.

The covered ramp into the coop.

The door leading into the coop from the barn.

Added a fenced, raised bed garden. You can see the enclosed hoop run on the right.
And bags from the mulch in the foreground.

Need more mulch and compost. This will be the greens bed.

Double gate will go here.

Curious roo.

Main entry gate from backyard. Good shot of enclosed run.

Perimeter fence around greens bed. Laying out for raised beds.

Building the beds

Will debug for food.

Caught sunbathing.

Filled with soil, ready to plant.