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By flyons · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. flyons
    The Norfolk, MA Girls (no boys allowed!)

    I currently have 12 chickens, ten of which were born on Memorial Day this year. All ten are feather footed; 2 Buff Cochins named Diane Sawyer and Anna Nicole, 2 Black Cochins Oprah and Whoopi, 2 White Cochins Cinderella and Snow White, 2 Partridge Cochins and 2 Dark Brahmas the last 4 will be named as their personalities emerge.

    My two older chickens are about 6 years old. One is a Partridge Rock named Lacey, the other is a Black Giant named L.C. A few years ago L.C. dislocated her wing and had to go to the vets to have it fixed, an experience she totally enjoyed! (please read my story Trip To The Vet)
    I have been raising chickens for about 15 years and have many stories to tell; good, bad, happy and sad, and I do love to tell my stories and share my pictures!

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