This amazing video, is not mine, i just added it here because it makes me laugh and i watch it from time to time. You will like it too.
Please have a look at My chicken journal topic for more details about my chickens with photos, and post if you want, i try to keep it updated with my chicken news.

April 2011 update of this page:
We finally moved "upstairs" into the main house and we left that semi-basement garage in our past, a couple of weeks ago. Since February that i hatched a chick, i also bought two more. They are all healthy and growing fast. My rooster keeps attacking me every now and then, its either because its spring, or because he grew up. One of my hens is sick with respiratory problems and i expect her to be the next hen to die. She is the mother of my hatched chick.
As the time passes away i have to build another coop soon, if i cannot build the coop of my dreams right now, i will have to find a way to just build a new coop that will fit all of my chickens, when the 3 young ones join the flock, the coop that the flock shares right now, will not fit them. It doesnt even fit another bird.
Today 23 April was the first day to get 4 eggs from 4 hens again, after this winter.
Thats my news in general. For details and pictures, you can check out my chicken journal topic, the link is on the top of this page.
February 2011 update of this page:
One more chick into my family. I incubated 3 eggs and i got a healthy chick out of them. This little chick is a survivor of a really bad incubation. It will go out with its parents as soon as the weather and its feathers are fine. Time goes by fast and other than some minor progress my new chicken coop is still not complete and i still house my chickens in bad conditions. Spring is on the air and so are the weeds around my garden, i am having a difficult time getting rid of them in between of other things i have to do.
Some days ago i was trying to teach the quail to free range, i let it free in my yard and it went into the weeds and hide himself. I encouraged him to fly and have fun but in that little cage he has forgotten what his life is about. I will keep free ranging him from time to time. I caught him and showed him the cage and he went right in, by himself. Good quail.
The weather sometimes is so fantastic sunny and warm, reminds me of the summer. I do gardening wearing T-shirt and i still sweat.
December 2010 update of this page:
My now huge rooster, is doing great. My now 4 hens (1 died a while ago) are doing also great and give me 3-4 eggs daily. They enjoy the weeds in the yard everyday when i free range them.
My male quail is also doing great (his pair died a while ago) and the dwarf bunny is fine as well, she loves to play with the chickens when on free range.
The temperatures are generaly warm, even now in the middle winter, sometimes the wind destroys everything but thats ok. Only 1 time it snowed for a couple of hours and we had 2 cold days but thats really it.
July 2010 update of this page:
I have (11/07/2010) bought my first chickens. Its one young white rooster and two brown grown up chickens which are egg layers. I keep them in a temporary fenced corner of my yard and let them free range for few hours everyday since i bought them.
My dream, except the trees and plants, is to have a proper and if possible good looking chicken coop in my yard so i can gather eggs and meat. By the end of this summer season i believe i will have the chicken coop ready.
There are many things i have to do beyond the chicken coop and my garden, thats why the chickens dont have a house yet. My house is not completed and if i have nothing else to do i would rather take a rest than build the chicken coop.
I work at night in the summer for about 4 to 5 months with no days off work. I do nothing in the winter and have much spare time then.
My life has completely changed the last years and i have turned into a father and nature lover when i was only caring about cars, bikes, computers, video games and all the usual crap a person losses precious time at.
My daughter changed my life. Thank god!
Now here i am in BYC forums, seeking help, advice and ideas about my chickens.
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