This is not for educational purposes, it's filled with fantasy characters from mine and @Abriana 's RP, Fools Gold.

And here we go-- Welcome to the Island of Golden Fools.

Name: River
Appearance: A young female teenager who already stands at 5'10 and weighs 153 lb-- Most guess she's 16 even though she refutes to give them a solid answer due to the hilarity of seeing everyone guess. She's got surprisingly pale skin and lips that causes the dark circles under her eyes to pop out. Bloodshot eyes with dark green irises and bright golden flecks within them stand out on her face, usually sparkling with some sort of odd humor. Her dark brunette hair is cut in a short jagged bob with a side-sweep, hiding her right eye from sight. A small, upwards nose. Her jawline is rather sharp, but her youth has so far to reveal as much of a pronounced cheek bone as she has hopes for. Many scars liter her legs-- No doubt from getting bit by puppies and scratched by thorns.
You can bet on seeing her wearing a black hoodie, an NF cap that says 'leaVe mE aloNe', a camera necklace, dark blue jeans, a black backpack, and torn up grey Nike tennis shoes.
Personality: Unbearably loud and will make you repeat yourself like five times if she needs to. Her language of choice is dark sarcasm, but she can become serious if she has to. She has a tendency to worry about people way too much, even at her own expense. She loves dogs and will get away from cats if she can-- Saying they're 'the devil's children'. She likes a specific few, but tries her best to stay chill with others. Due to some secret problems in her past, she refuses to call anyone her friend unless they call her their friend first. She absolutely loves telling others to be 'quiet' as a joke.
She hates getting up and speaking in front of anyone who isn't a close friend.
She keeps in close touch with Abri, and is jumping to get away from society.
Packing list: She's stuffed spicy chips, weapons, waters, and a bunch of baseball caps in her backpack.
Other: She's got serious insomnia and some anxiety. She's pretty much half deaf, causing her loud nature. And there's always her three dogs, Hoss the tan German shepherd with a black saddle and mask, Malchi the blue merle aussie with red and white points, and Winston the black and white mini schnauzer following her around. Don't ask.
Wanted for thievery.
She suggested this whole adventure.
Username: @Satan
Name: Abby
Appearance: 5'5" 125lbs white female hair: blonde, eyes: hazel, wanted for murder and torture
Personality: a zesty cheeto
Packing list: 10,902½ chickens
Other: will fart at a moment's notice
Username: @Fanci
Name: Abriana
Appearance: Brown hair (a little past shoulders), Green eyes, 5' 5". Likes to wear Marvel hoodies and jeans/jean shorts and tennis shoes. If not wearing said items, you can find her in a swim suit and sandals.
Personality: likes her mop a lot (always has it with her), thinks she knows how to survive on a random island, is a good sailor (on a sailboat) and an excellent swimmer. She has always loved to be on the water or on the beach. She has always preferred the company of the less sane to those normal people in the world, and when her friend River suggested they gather her criminal friends, create a friendly alliance, do some illegal stuff, and then bail out on a huge ship and capture a tropical island, she was all for it!
Packing list:

1. my mop
2. sauerkraut
3. large notebook
4. folding chair
5. hammock
6. flare gun
7. Books, lots of books

Other: wanted for stealing random sailboats wherever she goes and also for eating out the world's supply of Cheerios
Username: @Abriana
Name: Kate
Appearance: Apparently tall. Definitely a-dolt. Rarely actually laughs out loud.... Is stunned beyond belief (Just realized this all falls under personality... )*Cough* Tall-ish. Short dark blond hair, Dark blue eyes. Always wearing comfortable pajamas.
I don't need a weapon. I am a brick wall that will make you feel bad for hurting yourself on it. Or something.

Personality: Uhh, did I cover this already? Emotionally unstable (Have fun with that)
Packing list: Clementines. More than can logically be carried... I have an endless supply in my brown backpack. Also my laptop. And a phone for emergencies.
Other: May or may not have a heard of young children running circles around people at any given time. Danger they bite.
Username: @Rose Quartz
Name: Lucy
Appearance: long red hair that hands midway down her back. Pale skin dotted with freckles, crystal blue eyes with thick pale eyelashes. She stands at about 5,6. She is 14
Personality: quite strong and and can stick up for herself. The rest to be Played out in RP
Packing list: she has one horse usually used as her getaway transportation after she has stolen something from someone. He has packs behind his saddle full of fruit from the local market, a bottle of water
Other: wanted for thievery and attempted assassinations. She has gotten paid in the past to kill people but did a poor job only maiming them so now she is wanted for attempted assassinations
Username: @Butterscotchbitesfinger
Name: Gary
Appearance: Medium-length brown hair, 5' 9", wears a MCR Danger Days sweatshirt, with a plain tshirt and jeans most of the time.
Personality: Painfully socially awkward, has the attention span of a fly, dark humor, unstable, rarely laughs or smiles (he finds stuff funny and the like, just rarely shows it), he does laugh at his own jokes however... maybe too much.
Packing list:
1. A dagger he forged
2. A notebook and pen
3. Two Porcelain d'Uccles, Lilac and Lavender
Username: @KitchenChowBoi
Name: Amer
Appearance: 5’4 AND A HALF 100 lbs
Skinny, not malnourished. No muscles. Thick brown hair that goes halfway down my back and kinda just evolved into one big tangle. Still don’t know eye color. My lashes just too long and thick. Surprisingly appealing face with nice cheekbones and jawline, only a little acne. Skin that is extremely pale but it freckles and tans in the sun, so we’re going with lots of freckles assuming it’s gonna be warm.
Basically the most basic look that you could have but then perfected due to me having tall beautiful aunts on both sides.
Her nose though. Apart from the uneven skin caused by keritosis, Amer’s biggest flaw is her nose. Which is larger and roundish.
Jeans, severely grass-stained. And whatever t-shirt that I ripped off the rack.
Personality: Bulletproof optimism and quirkiness. Can become obsessed with something and study it madly until she’s found out everything you could possibly know about it. Exalts Shiloh enough that everybody on the internet recognizes him. Awkward.
Packing list:
Peanut butter m and ms
Sunscreen and toiletries
A collection of random survivalist knowledge.
All this in a backpack with clothing, a sleeping bag, a tent, freeze dried food, and an immeasurable amount of strength without complaint.
Other: Wanted in Antartica for the genetic modification of Mediterranean flamingos.
Username: @Amer
Name: fluff
Appearance: short
teenager unfortunately,
i still dont know what color my eyes are,
and in this particular time and place due to the small amount of restraints in the nature of role playing, i shall be sporting a my chemical romance t-shirt with a thin black flannel and a nice humble pair of black jeans. im wearing a hat that has the logo of an undisclosed eastern washington apple farm on it. oh and i have these glasses


Personality: bold of you to assume i know who i am
cringey for sure and thats about it
Packing list: ive got my jansport backpack filled with the essentials:
- sketchbook that is actually just a college ruled notebook
- cheap pencils
- android phone
- fruit snacks
- random bad memories that pop up while im having a good time
- more fruit snacks except its a different brand, these ones are organic and not as good but i just took them out of the pantry anyway because i like fruit snacks
- free time
- feathers
- water purifier
- wilderness survival guide book
- pocket knife
Other: i ate a wifi router and absorbed its powers so everyone near me can connect to my wifi network, its titled Mayonnaise and the password is yeehaw413
Username: @Flufferes
Name: Sarah
Appearance: 16, 5'5.5", 111 lbs (((obviously 222))). Dark blue eyes with jagged hazel rings around the pupils. Big nubian nose, untamed eyebrows, halfhearted freckles, chubby cheeks, and an ostentatious birth mark on her chin. Has mild, yet PERSISTENT, rosacea on areas of her forehead and nose (like we really needed to make the nose more prominent, God.) All of this is set into a perpetual, searing R.Beef.F. that regards people with the most bizarre expressions.
Unevenly toned pale skin that burns and nothing short of it. Butt-length, t h i c k reblgonette hair that's constantly shedding due to a Mom-proclaimed """vitamin deficiency.""" Likes to tell herself she's got a decent set of muscles for arms, but that's probably a lie too. Annoyingly existent butt and hips, but maybe she could be called "kind of skinny"???? Huge feet, yet she's this short.
Always in well-worn jeans, no matter the season, day, or time. The shirt depends, but there's a good chance it's either a dark plaid flannel or wolf tee. If school's out, she's got a ball cap on backwards. The Hair™'s usually down and in disrepair or back in a messy volcano ponytail. Her abused sneakers are likely losing their soles...if she's even wearing any.
Personality: If you hurt her friends, she'll hurt you. Plain and simple and that's really all you need to know, right?
She really wishes there were less restrictions on physical confrontations nowadays. Settling things with words, however eloquent, isn't nearly as conclusive a good ol' brawl. Taking that view into account, she will still punch/slap/pinch/poke//headbutt/elbow/knee/kick/trip any innocent party for no good reason. Don't take it personally, she's just been tame for too long.
Extremely impulsive and aggressively independent. Does not accept help from anyone. Pathetically lacking sense of humor. Has a mind and stomach of steel; not much unsettles her. Therefore, she loves to freak people out. A large majority of humanity just plain disgusts her and if you know her face, you'll know when she's done with you. One of her biggest pet peeves are egomaniacs that forget there are other people in the world. She makes sure never to commend herself just to ascertain she never becomes one of them. She's a serial liar when it comes to adults (especially a certain parental unit), but is honestly working on her honesty. But she's still so trained that she can stand without a nervous twitch of any kind, face casual, eyes meeting her victim's, and lie right to their face. In a crisis, her emotions shut down and she becomes eerily calm, functioning near robotically. Bold enough that she's the unanimous go-to among her friend group for adult or foreign individual addressing.
Speaking of friend group, she swears she doesn't have one. Everyone's a disposable "acquaintance"...except for the rare few she connected with on a certain poultry forum.
If she makes you a promise, she'll do her absolute best to follow through despite the spotty mind she has to war with. Her attention's everywhere and nowhere at once and has advanced far beyond master procrastinator; likely has undiagnosed ADHD. She also contracted Lyme disease a few summers back and her short-term memory has suffered significantly from it. Dabbles in reading, writing, arting, public speaking, vet/environmental sciencing, singing, running, vaulting, archery, fishing, tree climbing, frisbeeing, and kayaking- jack of all trades, but master of none.
Packing list (all of which is stuffed in her elementary-sized wolf-head backpack):
  1. Peep, her blue bantam hen of scrambled heritage.
  2. Deceased purple furby.
  3. Jay's wing necklace.
  4. Pocket dictionary.
  5. A disabled pen that she disassembled and lost the spring in the process.
  6. Frisbee.
  7. 8 cans of olives.
  8. Weird, doubled-edged, serrated knife that she found in somebody's kitchen and went clepto for.
Other: Says "literally", "spicy", and "terd" a lot and literally calls everyone "dude," "bro," "man," or "pup." Frequently emits accurate sound effects. Nearsighted and needs glasses badly. Don't call her short - only she can condemn herself with that.
Wanted for the attempted assassinations of small children and a certain green parrot.
Username: @HeathensHens88
Name: Mystic
Appearance: 5'4, 15 yr but seems 18, 100 lbs, waist-length dirty blonde hair, very pale skin, dark bags under her eyes, very simple pair of black glasses, dark, but not too dark, blue eyes. FFXIV: Shadowbringers T-shirt with a gray hoodie on top, dark navy jeans, and heeled black half-boots, Celtic knot necklace and earrings. Visibly short and underweight but can kick butt.
Personality: ENFP, but also Tsundere
Packing list: Stress ball, cell phone, headphones, multiple canisters of pepper spray
Other: Weeb. Wanted for infiltrating Elon Musk's secret operation to create catgirls to make him create catboys first, which failed, but she retained all the information about the project.
Username: @CatBoyLover
Name:Gail(pls don't call her Abbie;^;)
Appearance: tol child. Like 5'10" or.something. Is asian but has blue eyes and reddish hair to like. Immediately below the boob line. All the asian has given her is an acute baby face. Did not receive the lack of leg hair or the sunburn resistance. Probly can't tell she's asian until she tells you. Is very fidgety and will hunch into herself when she is uncomfortable(so like whenever she meets new people or thinks she messed up). Likes fun earrings and sometimes wears makeup. Like once a month maybe. Loves boots and super high heels, and is really good at doing stuff in them like sprinting and stuff. Pretty athletic. Not like buff or anything, but definitely in shape. She's a sixteen year old senior and she either gets mistaken for a freshman or a college senior. There is no in between. She's smart but hates school with a vengeance.
Personality: shy and scared and a strange mix of perfectionist and nihilistic. Loves animals and hates seeing them mistreated- one of the only times she will willingly initiate confrontation is when she sees someone buying a common pleco for their 10 gallon tank and the like. She over apologizes and is eager to please. She loves star wars and marvel but is afraid to mention it because these fandoms get kind of vicious if your theories don't align. Working with animals(especially aquatic ones) really calms her. Cries easily, but doesn't laugh easily. If you do get her laughing she will not stop.
Packing list:
Snapples and juice(she is a c h i l d)
A phone with many streaming services on her parents account(they are tech illiterate and do not know she is on there)
Cheetos and sun chips
A stuffed platypus and a fuzzy blanket and a hammock
Library cards from like 7 different states. She feels like a counterfeiter.
Tylenol, ibuprofen, nyquil, dayquil... she makes up for being the baby of all of her friend groups by toting around all sorta of useful medical supplies
B o o k
Debit card linked to like every billionaires bank account(more on that later)
Other: she is incapable of being sleep deprived. Less than 9 hours? Grumpy. Less than 8? Dead. Less than 7? Barely functioning, in a delirious state. She a child.
She's on the run for conducting robberies and arson at pharmaceutical companies, big box pet stores, and for kidnapping billionaires and brainwashing them into donating all of their nonessential money to people who actually need it.(they don't know about that last one yet tho. She be a science nerd and when she's interested in something she will learn e v e r y t h I n g)
Username: @stabby gem
Name: Roo
Appearance: a human. Maybe. Female. Wears a sweatshirt at all times. If it's unbearably hot she might unzip it a bit. Short.
Personality: socially awkward, constantly doubting everything she does in most social situations. Very forgetful. Tries to be funny. References memes a lot. Impulsive.
Packing list:
-her alliances include her trusted sidekick, Popcorn the bantam hen (AKA The One Who Fights With Mirrors), Beane, the insane quail, an extremely fat cat named Chonk, and Neet Neet, a weird pigeon who growls. A lot.
Popcorn was unable to come on the mission, due to being wanted by the FBI. She is currently somewhere in Russia with a fake identity. Neet Neet's whereabouts are unknown, though it's possible she's just flying around.
-a single Cheeto. It will be of importance later.
-a cat whistle. Summons an unknown being known only as Cathy, who is known for roasting people and stealing kneecaps.
-a sword
Other: crimes include tax evasion, chicken rustling, accomplice to murder (Popcorn was the murderer), credit card theft, and thievery.
Username: @MaleChickensBeRad
Name: Kyndra
Appearance: 15, a pitiful 5'3 1/2 tall, 112 pounds give or take. A literal mane of shoulder-length ginger hair, that is only tamed when she has hairspray. Due to this, it's almost always in a ponytail or bun. Light blonde eyebrows and blue-gray eyes that change shades constantly. Pale skin that is literally covered in freckles. A skinny stature and doesn't look like she'd be strong at all but she can lift quite heavy items due to working at the local horse barn, and volutenteers for the duty of stacking haybales, and can pack a vicious punch if she would need to.
A black Imgine Dragons Beliver Sweatshirt and gray leggings. Sneakers or boots or her go to shoes. And red-rimmed bifocal glasses because she has incredibly poor sight.
Personality: Chaotic. She cannot sit still unless something has really captured her attention or she's writing. She is loud and won't shut up. Ever. Has positively no filter, and will speak her mind no matter what.
Despite this, she's actually a very good listener. Brutally honest and not afraid to tell people what they need to do. If you ask, why lie? Speaking of lying, she can't. When it comes to her friends, she cannot lie to save her life. Parental figures are other story, however.
She's constantly the life of everything and anything with a fairly positive outlook on things, though she can be very philosophical at the oddest of times. She doesn't quite understand how she has so many friends in both real life and online, but she is grateful for them, and if anybody tries to trash-talk or hurt them, somebody is going to get hurt, there is no doubt about it. She is loyal to the end when it comes to her friends, and is a very trustworthy person, and she'd like to think of it as her best quality, for if you tell her a secret, she will take it to the grave.
Ballet, tap and hip-hop dancer, equestrian, and writer. Dabbles in photography quite often, not that she's good at it, but she enjoys it. And astrology, most will laugh it off but she doesn't. Adores animals, music, reading and every single one of her friends.
Packing list:
1. Kizmit and Nova, her cats.
2. Some sort of chocolate. Always.
3. Pocket knife.
4. Headphones and MP3 player.
5. 2 notebooks. Why two? No one knows. She just has 'em.
6. 8 assorted pens and pencils.
7. Water bottle.
8. A sapphire colored neckless.
Other: Runs on very little sleep. Not that she's an insomniac or anything like that, but her inability to sit still often causes her stay stay awake for countless hours of the night, reading, writing or literally anything that keeps her occupied. Will not stop until she has done something to her absolute best. Screwed it up? She'll keep trying until its perfect, or as close to perfect as she can possibly get it. She uses the word "like" to the extent that people will literally tell her to stop, but it's a subconscious thing in replacement for "um". And constantly uses literally at any given chance.
Wanted for thievery and multiple attempted murders.
Username: @Cluckcluck1215
Name: Van
Appearance: Nearly, almost, excruciatingly close to 5'10, with dark blue eyes and middle-of-the-back length hair that's only red enough to be considered auburn when it's in the sunlight. Pineapple tank under a burgundy sweatshirt, jeans that are just a little bit too short and I will wear my three inch heeled boots, no matter how inconvenient or uncomfortable they may be for whatever shenanigans we get ourselves into.
Personality: People tend to say I'm sarcastic. Honestly, I'll just portray myself as the story goes on because that's what I do with every single other flipping character I've ever tried to write.
Packing list:
-A nice and sturdy metal blue yoyo with replacement strings
-And a computer
are all stashed in a super stylin' black and pink backpack.
Other: Wanted for the theft of various Starbucks products, which then resulted in the absolute destruction of a few minimum wage baristas.
Username: @van_the_illa
Name: Lauren
Appearance: 15 and a half, barely 5'1", thin. Pale, freckled, light acne, permanently pink nose and cheeks from scarring. Brown-eyed, with thick, side-parted, bra-strap-length brown hair that's just not wavy enough to be considered curly. This is fluffy when dry and is tucked behind her ears or in a braid or half-up. Dislikes her nose and thinks it's a little too big. Wears scuffed, faded dark blue converse, high waisted lighter wash jeans, and a colorful cropped sweater/t-shirt. Can't run fast.
Personality: TBD :)
Packing list:
  • Several pairs of earbuds (she always manages to break them the first week of use)
  • An enormous, fuzzy, XL hoodie that engulfs her and is extremely comfortable
  • A knife and a taser
  • A family-size pack of skittles (not the sour ones)
  • Her laptop
  • Her phone
This is all inside a big blue backpack and a medium crocheted crossbody bag.
Other: Doesn't quite understand the concept of Time Passing™ yet, always late, loves big dogs and music. She can swing dance, a quite useless skill in 2020. A wanted pickpocket, good at sneaking. Can't run fast. Loves cool old glass bottles and sturdy boxes.
Username: @Thing2LovesChickens
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