Available birds as of January 1, 2012
1) 2 two week old black silkie chicks - gender unknown

2) Several Mille Fleur bantam cochin cockerels- buff in color
3) Bantam cochin chicks (black) - several weeks old to less than a week old
4) 4 month old cochin mix cockerel - black 2 available (no pics)
5) Silver Laced Bantam cochin Rooster Only

6) 3 month old Silver Laced cochin cockerel
7) Black bantam orpington cockerels - 2 available
8) Several Seramas - In pairs or single roosters only, no single hens

Available eggs as of January 1,2012
1) Black bantam orpingtons *None at the moment*
2) Blue,Black,Splash bantam orpingtons - *None at the moment*
3) Serama (chocolate based) *None at the moment*
4) Ameraucana/EE's - Bantam Lavender Ameraucana Eggs Now available
EE eggs now available
5)Silkies - limitied qty now available
6)Coturnix Quail Eggs now available, mixed color flock
7)Olive Egger Eggs now available

Other Animals/Things for Sale
Hutches - Custom Made Singles, Doubles & Quads

1994 AQHA Mare

2009 APHA/PtHA Stallion