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By alisonlaila · Feb 17, 2012 · Updated Feb 17, 2012 ·
  1. alisonlaila
    My husband and I have 3 lovely hens. We bought them at Kahoot's for less than $5 and who would have thought these precious little angels could have brought us so much joy.
    There names are Whitey, Big Momma and Ali... and they surprisingly each have their own distinct and vibrant personalities (which may not come as a surprise to those that have chickens, but it sure does for those that don't). They are a year and a half old and have been laying regularly, except when molting, for a year now. Whitey was sick a month ago, which caused dismay and trauma for the other birds AND for my family (because I took her to the vet). After her vet adventure, she came home and within days was feeling better. I put a little rescue remedy in their water to help them with their anxiety, not my family's, lol... although I pry should have. The 3 chickens own the whole yard... and their yokes are really bright and healthy. Ali is the funniest because whenever I open my door and she is in the proximity, she comes racing over and runs into the house [​IMG] The other 2 are more mellow usually. I really love them!

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