It occurs to me that my Facebook and Livejournal friends are probably tired of hearing the eggsploits of my chickens, so I realized that I might want to start putting them here instead! What an awesome feature this is!

I'll start out with some introductions:
This is Lucy... short for Lucifer. When introduced to the four young ones, she was the meanest thing in the world! She's since integrated herself alright and now gets along with the other girls. She lays huge eggs about every other day.

Next we have Clarise. She's one of Lucy's old flockmates. A very relaxed girl that integrated quickly with the flock. Sadly, she's been off her laying and we haven't seen much (if any) out of her, though she's possibly produced us a couple of large-sized brown eggs, but I can't be sure that they were her and not Lucy.

Third is Bea, short for Beelzebubu (I'm going in order of what I seem to see as their social hierarchy... out of the young girls she was the most aggressive and the girlfriend wanted to name one of the Wyandottes "Fluffly" so Bea's name was a compromise). Bea is our black sexlink girl. Shes one of the 19-week-old pullets that started this whole chicken thing with us. She hasn't started laying yet, which I find surprising because of her size and maturity, but we expect great things (eggs!) from her soon.


Fourth comes Ginger. She's the first of the young pullets to lay us eggs and she's been laying every day like clockwork since her first egg on Saturday (August 7th, 2010). AAMOF, she's in the nest box right now, doing her thing. She's also the sweetest, most tame, and most observant of the girls.


Next comes Dale. She's one of the two Gold-Laced Wyandottes that we received (the other, Fluffy, turned out to be a cockerel and is now living in paradise... and by that I mean a happy life as the sole rooster in my girlfriend's parents' flock of nearly twenty hens). Dale is a little more shy than the other girls and doesn't socialize much with her people but she does have a mischievous streak a mile wide.


Last (and least) there's Sunny. She's the smallest of the pullets and I guessed her as a Leghorn when we got her (a guess that has since been confirmed by others on this site). She's smaller than the other girls and gets a little bit of static, especially from Lucy and Bea. I expect her to start laying any day now, though... not sure why I think that, but I do.


They all live in this spacious tractor that I built for them. I think that I will do things a little differently for the next one, but all in all, this one works out.


Here's an inside view of their house:

I still have a little work to put into it, for example, it needs two more rafters and maybe a vent on the big wall, but it's mostly all there and complete.

The other elements are myself and my girlfriend, Airie (short for Ariadne... yes, it's her real name)

Here I am at the Oregon Coast:


Here's she:


We've also got dogs and cats, but they are not really relevant so I'll leave out their introductions.

Well, I think that's a good start... at least it'll tell you what we're about.