My Backyard Chickens Page
My current suburban flock consists of 4 Laying Hens: 1 Red Sex Link, 1 New Hampshire Red and 2 Production Reds; and 5 Pullets: 3 Australorps and 2 Rhode Island Reds.

My Story:
I began my flock in June 2011 with hand-me-down chickens from my brother. 2 New Hampshire Reds, 2 Production Reds, 1 Red Sex Link, 1 Red Sex Link bantam size, 3 Easter Eggers, 1 Rhode Island Red, and 1 Dominique; 11 in total, all hens.
The Rhode Island Red was culled on the first day. She had guts hanging out of her vent, her butt was plucked bare and she was leaving a blood trail. Hmmm… I wonder why my brother would want to part with this chicken? I was not ready to process chickens for freezer camp on day one so I just whacked off her head and off she went to the landfill. One down, ten to go.
On that very same day, the Dominique got out of my chicken run somehow and was chased to death by my dogs. So off she went to the landfill, head intact. Nine to go.
Days later, my dog killed the bantam size Red Sex Link in a very special way and it deserves it’s very own web page and will not be described on this page. Le echaron el Bau. If you are an old school mexican from the countryside you know exactly what I am talking about. Ask your grandpa. Needless to say, she took a landfill trip. Eight Left.
I was going to cull all 3 Easter Eggers due to lack of egg production, but my father intervened. They have now been transferred over to his authority and will most likely live out the remainder of their days pampered and producing…no eggs. Five left.
I’ve just had my very first “official” culling of the flock party in July 2011. The volunteer was one of my New Hampshire Reds on a thread of her own with great pictures.
So now I am left with 4 of the original 11 hens, my "official" flock; 2 Production Reds, 1 New Hampshire Red and 1 Red Sex Link. I usually get between 2 and 4 eggs per day. But I have never gotten less than 1.
The Red Sex Link is called Captain Janeway. Not all my chickens have names.

UPDATE: As of Mid-August 2011, I added 7 new pullets to my flock. I added 5 Australorps and 2 Rhode Island Reds. I have documented their arrival on my Off-The-Brooder Page. Next year I hope to be getting more than just 4 eggs per day. All of my birds are dual purpose chickens.


UPDATE: Late August 2011 - Two of my Austalorps have been culled from the flock by mother nature. One was killed by a predator. Possibly a raccoon or other similar-type vermin. The other died mysteriously inside the chicken coup just a few days later. Possibly due to illness. Their accounts have been updated on my Culling Page.