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Fowl Play at College

By ANicoleA · Aug 28, 2013 ·
  1. ANicoleA
    My college began a club two years ago named Fowl Play where members hatched and raised chickens. The club continues today, with me as the current president.
    Over the years, we have lost and gained chickens, but the flock stays fairly constant.We have three Barred Rocks, four RIRs, two Americaunas and a Dominique. Every year we have a fundraiser with the Heifer International Club to raise money that provides families in need with chicks. One year the prizes for our raffle were naming our chickens, so they have an eclectic group of names including Mother Goose, Anita Recamier, Beyza, Roxy Lalonde, Neri, Whitney, Cock-a-Leekie, Agamemnon (Aggie for short), Drix (I go to Hendrix College. HENdrix, Hen-Drix, get it?), and Jumpy.
    We keep them in a chicken-wire enclosure to protect against hawks and raccoons. Members spend 20 minutes a day with the chickens, feeding them, giving them fresh water, gathering eggs, and letting them graze in an enclosed pen we keep. The chickens are not used in any way for meat, only for eggs and companionship.
    My chickens LOVE Cheerie-O's. Just plain old cereal, but man you shake that box and they come running.
    I'm still learning exactly how to take care of them, but I'm only a sophomore and I don't plan on leaving the club any time soon, so I'll figure things out!
    P.S. That's my mom holding the chicken and smiling and my friend posing for a picture. I don't actually have a picture of me holding a chicken as of yet.

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