1. Chickensrule123
    Ok so you no how we get foxes eating are chickens all the time well I got sick of it [​IMG]I lost 2 of me chickens to foxes [​IMG]so I decided to put a stop to it [​IMG]I dug a hole about 1/2 a meter deep near a tree in my backyard, got a card board box punch holes in the box, grabbed some dog food some string and got started on a trap I put the dog food in the hole and put a of string through one of the pieces of meat. On one of branches hanging out I put the string over a branch and at the end of the sting I put the card board directly under the hole. The trap was set, all I had to do was wait. The next morning I raced down as quick as I could nothing, why did I not think it has human scent so I got some scent killer and sprayed everywhere. My dad called me in for breakfast, I had to go to school it was also Friday. I told my best friend she slept over that night, we had our hopes up this night and crossed our fingers [​IMG] . Next morning went to go and let the chickens and remembered about the trap, and we raced [​IMG][​IMG]to see and [​IMG] IT WORKED!!!!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] now hopefully no chickens will get worried [​IMG][​IMG]

    Quote: ''It was really exciting to hear my best friend tell me about it at school'' Eleanor Chickensrule123's best friend

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  1. coolgirl12
    i pee my pants
  2. LoveChickens123
    well glad you killed it we say a snake in the woods and it was scary !
  3. Chickensrule123
    Thanks for your comment
  4. willowbranchfarm
    Glad you caught it. My friends chickens are getting killed by a coyote. We went walking in her woods and saw one.....scary.

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