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By foxhollow · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. foxhollow
    My name is Marilyn Pikal and we live near Winthrop MN. We raise a variety of birds to show at APA/ABA shows and fairs.
    We have call ducks in Butterscotch, white, gray, kahki, apricot silver, snowy and dusky. Also Black East Indie ducks.
    I have lots of Serama bantams both normal and silkied. My daughter loves her Modern Game bantams and has Brown Red, Birchen, Silver Blue and BB red. She also has some black blue and splash Silkes.
    We have five pigeon lofts with German Beauty Homers, Czech Ice pouters, Old German Owls, Horseman Thief Pouters, Mookees, Frillbacks, LaHores and a few Gaditano Pouters.

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  1. buff goose guy
    u have beautiful Aztec blue call ducks

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