Here is the coop we made with stuff we just had laying around. The frame is made from an old pallet that a riding mower came on and the nest box is an old toy box that my oldest had out grown. Had a few pieces of flooring left over from a bathroom project that i put in the box for easy cleaning and i dont evan know why i had a really old gallon of stain in the shop doing nothing. Didnt evan know i had it till i decided i wanted to paint the thing with something to protect it from the elements. I did have to purchase the poultry netting but that was it. Its 4x8x4 tall and holds my 3 hens just fine. We have never had chickens before so we thought start small and see if we enjoyed it. Since then i have become obsessed thanks partly to byc. I have plans on putting an extension on my barn in the spring and building a huge coop. This one resides in the barn with my girls for the winter and they get to free range most days. Thanks, Harold