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By frank53061 · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Apr 22, 2012 · ·
  1. frank53061
    I have a small flock of assorted breeds of Chickens around 24.
    I have for the last two years been Incubating eggs from my chickens so about half my birds are home grown.
    This year I have ordered 15 Red Bourbon Turkeys this will be going on my 3rd week having them 04-22-12.
    I plan on selling some at 10 weeks of age and eating some and keeping about 4 hens and 2 Toms for breading.
    I have built my Incubator that holds around 20 eggs and at this last hatch 8 hatched out of the 12 eggs.
    But I am always trying to improve that rate.

    Red Bourbon Turkey Polts

    Rocket the Rooster

    [​IMG][​IMG]Comet the Rooster

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  1. Celie
    I currently have too many chickens. I plan to cull heavy next summer when they are at their peak of laying, so I can see who is doing a good job and who is not. Feed has gotten too expensive and I want to consentrate on turkeys and rabbits. Now have 5 does and 2 bucks, since January 11th, added 4 more does in June. Better ratio of meat to feed than poultry, but if cooked low and slow, even an old rooster can make a great meal. The dark meat of a turkey can be made to taste just like beef, if cooked in left over beef gravy and seasoned like you would cook beef. A lot of people that don't like the dark meat of a turkey, will come back for seconds, thinking they are eating beef! I wound up with 13 turkey hens(I think) but some are still young, hatching out in late summer. My 2 hens from last year, both laid an egg just about every day. I sold most as hatching eggs or poults, what was left, will be breeding stock for 2013 or go into the freezer, except for the ones we eat for the holidays. Holland Whites get bigger than Bourbon Reds, so they say, by about 10 pounds. I might swap eggs with some other people, as an experiment to raise all the breeds, I can, together, with the same feed and forage, to see which breed tastes best. I have 2 GQF Sportsmen 1502 incubators, so I have lots of incubator room. Have you read the Turkeys for 2012 that Kuntrygirl started?

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