Freckles the Mille Fleur d'uccles

By LittleBittyFarm · Jul 25, 2013 · ·
  1. LittleBittyFarm
    This is Freckles. She is a pullet that was purchased at Tractor Supply Co. as an easter present for my 9-year old niece, Faith. Faith loves her 3 bantam chicks, but lives in metro Chicagoland. So... her 3 little chicks were "adopted" by her Aunt and Uncle and live happily on our farm here in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

    Freckles is photographed weekly so her real little mama in Chicagoland can get updates of how she is growing. Faith also handpicks who she wants Freckles to be "in love" with. Freckles now has an arranged marriage with Boots a black cochin.

    Freckles loves to roost and has a great view


    Easter Chicks back in April


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  1. Poohb10454
    So cute. I think that is so sweet of you to do for your niece.
  2. Whittni
  3. RedPonyAcres
    Cute!! We also got 2 Mille Fleurs from Tractor Supply and they look just like yours. They are adorable and fun to watch. Ours are named Grendel and Beowulf. :)

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