Freddie and his very horrible year.

By Shabana · Jul 25, 2015 · Updated Aug 27, 2015 · ·
  1. Shabana
    This is little Freddie. [​IMG]
    A few weeks ago a neighbour told me that she had seen two men around my chicken pens. Anxious, my son and I went to investigate. We found a little cockerel cut to ribbons, mal-nourished, and very very frightened. They had left him without a note in one of my spare broody coops.
    On closer inspection the wounds almost looked surgical, like incisions. The back of his legs were also sore. I set to work on getting him better.
    When recounting his story to a friend a few days later he suggested he might have been used in a cock fight as the birds are equipped with either metal spurs or knives, tied to the leg in the area where the bird's natural spur has been partially removed. This would account for the incisions, and his sore legs.

    I was heartbroken to think that Freddie had endured such a fate, and called the RSPCA to report it, although I could not give a good description of the men. Although cock fighting is banned throughout the UK they did say it still goes on but in declining numbers.
    I am grateful that someone had a conscience at least and brought him to me.

    Freddie , I'm pretty sure, will be alright. His wounds are healing up nicely and he is off his antibiotics. I don't know if his feathers will grow back in some areas as there's a lot of scar tissue but we will see.
    Initially he was very scared of the crowing of my other cockerels and would literally jump in the air when they doodle-doo'd, and also of his new small flock of hens, but I selected his hens carefully for their laid back nature so little by little his confidence is growing.

    I know he's not pretty, and he's still in a bit of a state feather-wise but I decided to enter him for 'chicken of the week' because of his inner beauty despite all the cruelty he's shouldered.
    His nature is simply wonderful considering what he has been through. He doesn't mind being held especially if you are also holding a treat (!), and throughout all his recovery he never laid a claw on anyone even though it must have really hurt him at times.
    He has a lovely home with us now and is cherished. Hopefully he will forget his past and continue to enjoy his ladies and his new life.

    [​IMG] So.. here are a few pics of Freddie 1 month on. Freddie is doing really well. He is healing, he is happy, he is totally obsessed with apples. He literally dances when an apple is coming... [​IMG] Waiting.... [​IMG] APPLES !!!!! [​IMG] I'm sexy and I know it !

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  1. abenardini
    Great story!! I love rescue tales like this :).
  2. cluckcluckgirl
    That is a story definitely worth POW!! It's wonderful to hear how kind you have been to restoring him and giving him a loving home unexpectedly.
  3. Shabana
    I'm not sure. I don't think that even with lighting a pretty bonnet and air brushing that my little boy will ever be photogenic lol, Freddie's beauty is on the inside and for that he will always be my chicken of the week
  4. Pekin Bantam
    Freddy is very lucky to have you! I don't want to sound rude but I thought this was about "The Best Chicken Photo of The Week" not about the best story of a Chicken?
  5. Rhodebar Lover
    He looks much happier in the updated pictures! Apples are always a favorite.
  6. Shabana
    Freddie is doing great he's so funny. Our apples are ready here and they are his most favourite thing. He gets so excited he can't stand still
    He's continuing to heal and gain confidence. I have a young Poland cockerel that has his own flock but who likes to visit Freddie and they have become friends. He seems to have come full circle.
    I will update his story with pics as soon as I can. Thank you for all your good wishes xx
  7. chickenneighbor
    Shabana, how is Freddie doing? Any updated pictures?
  8. BantyChooks
    Aww that's so sad. at least he had a much better fate than many of those other roosters! :| he looks so happy in his new home.
  9. Shabana
    Thank you for all your lovely comments. He gets a little bit better everyday and we fall in love with him a little bit more every day too.
  10. N F C
    I'm glad you and Freddie found each other!
  11. chickenneighbor
    Thank you for the care and love you've given Freddie. I'm sure he knows he is safe now. Best of luck to you and all of your flock. BTW, he has a really sweet face!
  12. CherriesBrood
    Very nice story, Freddie is greatful to have you!
  13. uzisuzuki
    I think he's gorgeous & so is your good heart.
  14. Yorkshire Coop
    Freddie is certainly very lucky that he found his way to you. I would say for sure he was used for some unscrupulous purpose. It's lovely to read you have taken him in and that he is on the mend. I'm sure with your love and continued care he will become more confident. Wishing you and Feddie the very best of luck in the future.
  15. Rhodebar Lover
    Freddie is very lucky to have you!

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