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Freds Henss Page

  1. Fred's Hens

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  1. Chickengirl47
    Are those your chickens & chicks?
  2. obaan1
    Thanks for the reflections, Fred. I always enjoy reading your posts.
  3. HEChicken
    Really enjoyed your page!
  4. stcroixusvi
    beautifully written, thanks.
  5. WalkingWolf1
    Nice writeup Fred. My Fred (named after his GF) will be graduating HS in a couple of months. Your writing brought me back to the farm of my childhood and the 200+ flock we maintained. As kids we used to trade a couple of eggs for a piece of candy and momma would trade in live birds for groceries.
  6. BlueBob
    Thanks Fred, excellent page. You saved me from hours of seaching the archives and the members of BYC from my ignorant posts. I wish the page was longer!
  7. Buiscuit
    A little long. But nice
  8. Mattsculpt
    Thank you for this great page. It was a pleasure to read and loaded with information as well.
  9. zerwitt14
    Fred's Hen's, thanks for this page and thanks for answering my posts! This is a very helpful page, I plan to start my flock with 15 hens and replenish with about a half dozen every other year or maybe 3 years depending on how they lay. We plan on the eggs and dual purpose, we will use them for all the resources they provide, and of course use thier compost in the gardens!!
  10. Campesina
    Great website. Thank you for sharing with us rookies!!

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