Fresno California Chicken Ordinance

Are Chickens Allowed in FresnoYes
Max Chickens Allowedzones AE-20, AE-5, and RA allow 24 hens
Roosters AllowedNo
Permit RequiredNo
Coop RestrictionsMust not be within forty (40) feet of any residence.
City/Organization Contact nameAgricultural Commissioner Address: 1730 South Maple Ave, Fresno, CA 93702 Phone: (559) 456-7510 Fax: (559) 456-7379 Email: [email protected] -------- Public Works and Planning Address: 2220 Tulare Street, 6th floor Fresno, CA 93721 Phone: (559) 262-4078 Fax : (559) 262-4879 Email: [email protected]
Additional InformationSEC. 10-203. ANIMAL ENCLOSURES. All enclosures or premises wherein any animals or fowl are kept shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition, free from obnoxious smells and substances. No person shall maintain any enclosure or other place for the housing or keeping of fowl or animals (except dogs) within thirty-five feet of any building used for human habitation, unless such building is occupied by the owner or keeper of the fowl or animals. (Orig. Ord. 2898; Am. Ord. 6769, 1966).----------SEC. 10-204. INSPECTIONS; HEALTH OFFICER. All places and premises upon which any animals or fowl are kept or maintained shall be open at all times for inspection by the Health Officer of the city or his deputy. If upon such inspection any person is found to be violating any of the provisions of this article, he shall be given a written notice of such violation or violations, said notice to specify the particular violations charged and require such person to remedy such conditions within ten days from receipt of such notice. No person receiving such a notice shall fail to comply with its requirements. (Orig. Ord. 2898; Am. Ord. 6769, 1966).--------------SEC. 10-205. FEEDING AND ENCLOSURES; REQUIREMENTS. All animals and fowl described in Section 10-201 of this article shall be kept and fed in enclosures complying with the following requirements: (1) The said enclosure shall be entirely surrounded by a fence or wall sufficient to confine such animals or fowl within such enclosure. (2) The said fowl and animals shall be confined to said enclosures at all times, excepting that homing pigeons banded by the American Racing Pigeon Union official band may be liberated for exercise and official races sanctioned by the American Racing Pigeon Union. (Orig. Ord. 2898; Am. Ord. 5426, 1958; Am. Ord. 6769, 1966).------------
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