~*Friends And Enemies*~A Wolf RP~ Accepting! *Simplified Character Page*

By Frindizzle · Jun 24, 2015 ·
  1. Frindizzle
    Hello! This is the 2nd Member Page for Friends and Enemies. This is just for my reference.

    Blood Pack:

    Alpha: Fang, @Frindizzle
    Secret Alpha: Whisper, @peep peep peep
    Beta: Cold Death, @LittleBrownie
    Beta: Thistle, @Frindizzle
    Pack Members:
    Akira, @LittleBrownie
    Zela, @Americano Blue
    Connor, @farm316
    Griz, @Americano Blue
    Helada, @FlockOfHens
    Tea, @Americano Blue
    Midnight, @DarthLayer
    Mint, @Frindizzle
    Eclipse, @DarthLayer
    Thunder, @DarthLayer
    Darknight, @Cliffrose
    Rowan, @Cliffrose
    Red, @Americano Blue
    North Wind, @Perfect Polish
    Black, @Frindizzle
    Ripple, @MsChickenMomma
    Wing, @Frindizzle
    Steel, @ArtGirl
    Falcon, @DarthLayer
    Snow, @Frindizzle
    Danger, @TinyBeaks
    Nightmare, @peep peep peep
    Ice @Frindizzle
    Naomi, @CrazyChickLady7

    Everlaster, @Perfect Polish
    Nanuq, @Perfect Polish
    Sikari, @Perfect Polish
    Whisperingspirit, @Chickcordonbleu

    Forest Pack: (This is in progress.)

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