Blackie and Goody were good friends. I gave them to my friend Helen when they were one week old. One very hot day Helen when to NJ and left them in the backyard. Goldie too young to know how to protect herself and dead because of the heatstroke. Blackie was standing next to her until my friend came back home. She was so sad and could not keep the Blackie. So she sent Blackie back to me with her other sisters. In my big family, she still had four goodies (Buff Orphington) and 16 other sisters. However, Blackie still feel lonely until she saw Goldie Jr.
Blackie:” Hello my friend, are you my best friend goodie? You are back?”

Goody:”It doesn't matter who I am. Just thinks I’m your goody. Let’s be a friend because friendship never dies!”


Blackie and Goody:”Let’s go out playing and finding some food to eat. Life is too short to be sad.”