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  1. Frindizzle

    ~About Frindizzle~

    Frindizzle is a four acre family hobby farm. Frindizzle was born around two years ago, after our family moved from the city. I wanted chickens, my mom wanted goats, along with my brother, and my dad wanted ducks and geese. We all got our wishes in our farm. Frindizzle consists of thirteen chickens, two geese, four ducks, and three goats. Frindizzle has just downsized, thats why we don't have many animals.

    ~Frindizzle's Flock~

    Our thirteen chickens are:

    Frindizzle is our farms mascot. She is very prickly, and she is always hanging out with Jr. Little Peeper, our Silkie. When Frindizzle goes broody, Jr. Little Peeper goes broody. When Jr. Little Peeper goes broody, Frindizzle goes broody. A few days after Frindizzle laid her first egg, Jr. Little Peeper laid her first.
    Frindizzle will always be the most curious chicken, and the most goofy. Sadly, she is low in the pecking order but that does not
    dampen her spirits.


    Jr. Little Peeper

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  1. Mountain Peeps
    Love it how you all got the animals you wanted!

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