From Baby Changing Table to Chick Brooder!!

  1. TXEggcellence
    My Hubby and I found a this Jenny Lind style baby changing table at the local charity thrift store for $15.00. He knocked out the top shelf, put a backboard on it, enclosed three sides with 1/4" hardware cloth and then made removable side boards to control drafts so as the chicks grow the sides can be removed for more ventilation and viewing area, he also put cup hooks on the front so we can place a plexiglass cover over the front to prevent more drafts if desired. He made a frame for the lid, added hinges and a hook to hold it open for access. The bottom shelf will serve for storage (unless we decide to create a chick condominium...). We chose the Brinsea EcoGlow to provide warmth in lieu of a heat lamp. I can hardly wait to receive my 7 babies!!! (May 4, 2015... seems like forever).

    I hope it isn't way too small, we may need to make a larger temporary brooder for them before their transition to the coop! It seems many brooders shown are equally small. Thanks for looking.... and Any advice is welcome! [​IMG]


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    I am blind.
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  4. TXEggcellence
    I just fiddled with it and I can see the picture now. Let me know if you can or cannot see it. Thank you!
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  7. crazyfeathers
    Me either...
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    For some reason I can't see the pictures :(

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