From bathroom to Brood coop

  1. ChickenRodeo
    Bathroom sink vanity dumpster find, you can see the hole in the back where the drain pipe came through the wall,
    I built shelves with front for wood chip bedding, other side left open for feed and waterer. (pipe opening becomes door)
    Set coop on 1/2 size pallet base, Simple removable roof lifts off for easy moving, Openings above doors are covered with hardware cloth (wire)
    I added hardware cloth and wood ramp for daytime use, and theres a door to enclose at night with heat lamps in the "attic" area to keep the babies warm at night.

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  1. ChickenRodeo
    Its just for brooding, after they grow i move them to the next coop.
  2. Cheep N Peep
    Very nice coop! How big is it? I don't think you have enough room for all those chicks when they are full grown.

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