From Kitchen Scraps to Chicken Treats – Regrowing Kitchen Scraps For Your Flock

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    As a newbie chicken owner, I have gotten so much enjoyment from raising my ladies from days-old balls of fluff to big, actual chickens that look like, well, chickens. I like providing food for them that is good for them but if watching them eat can provide entertainment for me I feel that is a win-win situation. Regrowing vegetable scraps provides both that nutrition and fun.

    How to Grow- Regrowing many vegetables is a simple process. You take the parts of the vegetable usually thrown away, such as carrot tops and the leftover leaves or bottoms of lettuce and place in a bowl of water.

    Keep the bowl in a place where it gets sunlight, change the water every other day and after three days or so you will notice new green growth. It is also possible to see some root growth. You can transplant these plants into dirt at this point to regrow these scraps into larger crops to harvest. My purpose is to provide a nice green snack for my flock so I will feed it to them at this point.

    Bok Choy- day 1


    Bok Choy – day 3

    I have a wire treat ball that the leaves fit well in and the chickens get the pleasure of picking treats out of it when I hang it from the roof of their pen. I also use a corner treat bucket where they can find the fresh greens. Throwing it into the pen is also acceptable to them. I like watching one grab a leaf, run away and then see the other give chase. Envy is not a good quality in people but it sure is entertaining when they chickens are displaying some 'treat envy'.
    List of Scraps That Are Easy to Regrow:

    1. Bok Choy
    2. Carrots
    3. Celery
    4. Lettuce
    5. Turnips
    6. Parsnips
    7. Beets

    Is it easier to go to the grocery store and pick up fresh vegetables for them? Sure, but it is satisfying to regrow something from a scrap and then watch the ladies enjoy it. Regrowing vegetable scraps takes minimal effort but the enjoyment I get from watching the chickens enjoy their treat is worth it.

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