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  1. FruitfulFaith
    I'm new to swapping on Back Yard Chickens, but I have been a member of several online swaps (mostly for cloth diapering).
    I live in Alaska so shipping without a flat rate may be inflated. I'm also in a much earlier time zone - please keep that in mind!

    DISCLAIMER: Please understand, I have four homeschooled children and will try to keep this list as up-to-date as possible. On the off-chance that you ask for something that is no longer available, but I have not had a chance to remove it, I'm sorry!
    Items for swap: (pics coming soon, better descriptions, etc)

    My In-Search-Ofs are at the bottom of the page!!

    ***** My most popular swap items are: *****
    • Peach-Apple Jam
    • S'more Fudge
    • Chicken Leg Bands

    ~Chicken Forage Cakes
    I can do large bricks or mini versions

    ~Natural Planting Soil
    I can get bags of natural dirt from my yard that is almost BLACK. It is amazing for growing!
    I will have to see how many pounds of dirt is in one medium flat rate box and get back to whomever is interested,

    ~Natural Antlers Dog Treat
    I have one of these left. It's really an antler, from a buck that was taken for subsistence this winter. I haven't cured it or done anything to it. My dogs had their fill and are bored with antler treats. They are great for dog's teeth! I might get more this year :)


    The following treats can be made to order:

    *Rice Krispy Log
    Rice Kripies rolled around peanut butter and chocolate

    *Chocolate "Candy"
    Pretzels and crunchy cereal held together with melted chocolate - can also do Smore fudge with golden grahams, marshmallows and chocolate. Yummo!

    *Tollhouse Chocolate (Or double chocolate - very rich!) Chip Cookies

    ~Space-saver sealed or jarred Kippered Alaskan salmon
    I need to look in my freezer/shelf and see what all I still have available.
    (Not available - fish have not come in yet this year!)

    ~Jar of pickled Dandelion root
    I harvested and pickled this myself last winter. They are fresh out of my yard. They are a little garlicky and a little sweet/spicy!


    ~Alaskan Blueberry Jam or Oregon Blackberry Jam
    My husband made it and his mother canned it. This jar is Oregon blackberry. I will have to see if we have anymore blueberry on hand. I may have to wait until the blueberries come in and just make some more.
    (Not currently available!)
    But I do have DANDELION JELLY available now!!


    **I now have rhubarb plants that I can take from as well. The weather just became nice and spring-like :) **

    ~Egg cartons
    I only have a few right now.


    ~5/8 in colored plastic rings for chicken ID.
    Green, Blue, yellow, orange and purple. 5/8 inches. Have an opening so the can be twisted on like a key ring. I can do selected numbers or colors, or just grab a bunch :)


    ~ Homemade "aged treasure map" laminated signs with saying of your choice
    Your choice of saying, laminated or not. :)


    ~Buttons, Beads, Elastic, Zippers
    Random buttons and beads. Also have what I *think* is 3/8 elastic by the yard, and a ton of white zippers!




    ~Fabrics and PUL
    If you want a closer look, or something specific, just ask. PUL is white.


    Quartz necklace and small wristlet



    *Pandora's Clock - John J Nance
    *The Client(x2)
    *King of Torts
    *Last Juror
    *The Chamber
    The Firm - John Grisham

    *The Darkly Luminous fight for Persephone Parker - Leana Renee Hieber
    *I'm the vampire, that's why - Michelle Bardsley
    *The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie - ?
    *The Innocent
    *Long Lost
    *Live Wire - Harlan Coben
    *While My Pretty One Sleeps - Mary Higgins Clark
    *Super Baby Food -?
    *Mary Mary
    *1st to die
    *5th Horseman
    *When the Wind Blows - James Patterson

    *Quentins - Maeve Binchy
    *Investing for Dummies
    *Intermediate Spanish for Dummies


    *The Dark Tower - Stephen King
    *The Cook's Encyclopedia of Wine - Herbs- Cookies, Biscuits, and Bars (set)


    *All she wanted - Aphrodite Jones
    *Feast Day of Fools - James Burke
    *4th of July
    *London Bridges
    *2nd Chance
    *6th Target - James Patterson


    *Lifegaurd - James Patterson
    *The innocent Man - John Grisham


    ~Gift Jars of Russian Iced Tea

    ~Toys (ask if you are looking for something specific)

    ~Clothing (ask if you are looking for something specific)

    ~Perfectly Posh samples (pics to come soon)

    ~Cloth Diapers (ask if you are looking for something specific)

    ~Condoms and maxi pads...LOLOL (I know, that seems very weird - but my mom kept grabbing them from the free box at the health department and my husband and I have no use for them. So I have a drawer full of condoms and maxi pads. LOL I just want them gooooone......)


    The following breeds, colors in order of preference:
    • Orpingtons; Buff, chocolate, lavender, jubilee​
    • Plymouth Rocks; Partridge, barred​
    • Jersey Giants; Blue, splash​
    • Brahmas; any color​
    • Sussex; Coronation, Speckled​
    • Also willing to try out other fowl :)

    Also in search of started plants (seeds don't do as well here) Looking for plants that:
    • Are not poisonous
    • Have a use (such as aloe, mints, herbs, etc)
    • Propagate easily and are easily maintained

    Other specific items needed:
    • Feeders and waterers
    • cable/zip ties/I.D. Rings
    • Poultry nipples
    • Diatomaceous Earth
    • Feed/bird treats

    ~I am currently raising 7 ancona, 6 black sex link, 8 red sex link, and 6 black australorp pullets, along with my five red star packing peanut cockerels.We made the brooder, we made the feeder and waterer, we make their food, we harvest their grit and calcium supplements. We believe in happy chickens! ~​

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