FruitfulFaith's Swap Records

By FruitfulFaith · Jun 13, 2013 · Updated Jul 26, 2013 ·
  1. FruitfulFaith
    I need to keep track of this somehow, the notepad on my phone is unreliable, and any piece of paper in my house is fair game to my kids. :p

    I owe:

    Chiqita - "Later Canned Stuff" :)
    Koeyohte - "Later Canned Stuff" :)

    Amyable - .5 pint of Peach-apple Jam [​IMG]

    kimmie6067 - peach jams! [​IMG]

    Corancher - Smoked Salmon
    Caj1985 - Smoked Salmon
    Reesepoultry - Fudge[​IMG]
    Celtic Oak Farms - Fudge[​IMG]

    owed to me:
    Sonew123 - Blackberry Starts[​IMG]
    Rbaker0345 - Grape-mint-quails, I believe :p + tomatoes[​IMG]
    Reesepoultry - 6 bantam eggs, buff cochin and barred olive eggers
    Corancher - Orpingtons[​IMG]
    Emvickery - 6 Sizzles[​IMG]
    Penny Hen - Roving and Drop Spindle
    Novanod1966 - Quails

    Side Swaps:
    I owe:

    SaraSweatman - Smores Fudge [​IMG]
    SilkieSensations - 1/2 pint dandelion jelly X2, 1 pint Oregon blackberry, 1/2 pint pickled dandelion root, 1/2 pint peach-apple X2 [​IMG]
    Cfellows - gardening gloves and leg bands[​IMG]
    Pigtail21 - Box O' Goodies.
    Cluckitall - Smore Fudge [​IMG]

    Owed to me:
    Sarasweatman - 12 Cot. Quail [​IMG]
    SilkieSensation - Duck & turkey combo [​IMG]
    Cfellows - 1 doz Yellow leg hatch eggs[​IMG]
    Pigtail21 - duckies! [​IMG]
    Cluckitall - Seramas[​IMG]

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