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By FuhrmeisterFarm · May 2, 2015 · ·
  1. FuhrmeisterFarm
    Hello all,
    Our chicken adventure started two years ago with 8 Buffs and 8 Golden sex links. We added some more Buffs but lost a few due to a hungry hawk. So to replace our loss we got Rhode Island Reds, We noticed after a few months that one Red was bigger than the rest and had these beautiful fluffy tail feathers. Yup it was a rooster(Big Red). We didn't realize this until we had already added a Buff rooster to the mix, his name is Chuckles. Big Red was relocated to a friends house a few months ago.

    My daughter, who we call the chicken whisperer, begged for Barred Rocks and got 4 last year. Unfortunately we lost one right away. It was very little and just wasn't doing well. Out of the three that made it to adulthood, one had a large lump along the side of her neck. She didn't seem to be in any discomfort and was a master at escaping the chicken yard. She took that old adage "The grass is greener on the other side" seriously and went to explore the neighbors yard. Ya know just to see if there were any news worthy tid bits to tell the girls about. The neighbor, a dog named Gunther, asked her to stay for lunch. He thought it was delicious. [​IMG]

    The other two Barred Rocks decided home was the best place ever and visiting the neighbors was overrated. We named one Dead-shot. She has this name because she is blind in one eye and walks with her head turned so the good eye is always able to see. She has decided that the front porch is where she should be and will knock on the front door if she feels it is time for a snack. She follows our chicken whisperer around like a puppy. After getting her toe pinched in the screen door and crying loudly, she was instantly soothed by being cradled in the whisperers arms. Dead-shots sister(the last barred rock) doesn't appreciate any nonsense and will peck Dead-shot right in the tush if she catches her doing something silly like standing on the water barrel. That kind of bold behavior is NOT tolerated let me tell you.

    Our chickens recently had a change of venue. We moved their coop from one spot to another for fresh foraging and now its like an Easter egg hunt everyday! Gotta love these gals, how did they know that I live to hunt around for eggs. [​IMG]

    We love our girls and Chuckles too, We are so thankful for the eggs they provide (enough for three households) and all the work they do clearing grass! Can't imagine our days without them.
    The Whisperer and Dead-Shot

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  1. aalissa
    Loved your humor and your description of your flock and the chicken whisperer.

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