Fun first flock with lots of chick portraits

By clickclackmoo · Feb 22, 2014 · Updated Feb 23, 2014 · ·
  1. clickclackmoo
    We recently started our first flock of chickens! We have 21 chicks, all doing great and growing like weeds.

    I had a lot of fun researching breeds in the evenings. I read about chickens for a month straight and thought of nothing else. :) With 2 young children, gentle and docile birds are what we wanted. Also important is that they be good layers. Lastly, we wanted them to be pretty birds so they're fun to look at and entertaining. So far we are thrilled with the breeds we have.

    Barred Rocks (3), Silver-laced Wyandottes (2), Golden-laced Wyandottes (2), Blue-laced Red Wyandotte (1), White Cochin (1), Blue Cochin (1), Silver-laced Cochin (1), Barnevelder (1), Welsummer (2), Buff Orpingtons (2), Salmon Faverolle (1), Easter Eggers (2), Buff Brahma (1), Black Australorp (1)

    Here are a few pictures of some of our girls at a few days old. Enjoy! :)





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  1. crazyfeathers
    Aww can't see the pictures.
  2. Math
    I can't see the pictures.
  3. clickclackmoo
    They're working now. Sorry about that!
  4. BantamFan4Life
    Excellent photos! Nice job!
  5. earlybird10842
    Wow--great photos!
  6. Math
    Thanks. Now I can see the pictures and they are nice. Thanks again for sharing these photos.
  7. drumstick diva
    Beautiful chicks, how do you get them to pose so well?
  8. Trefoil
    Aww. I love baby pictures.
  9. PeckPeckChick
    Soo jealous wish I had room for all those chickens...
    U pick out almost all of my fav breeds
  10. MamaManda
    Beautiful Babies! You have a very similar flock to mine! (I haven't added my new chickies to my page yet.) I can't wait to see what your Blue Cochin looks like. I have a white and a blue that are only 3 weeks old.

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