Fun Food For Ducks!!

A quick guide to fun treats for ducks.
By Bridger Davis · Dec 7, 2017 · Updated Dec 7, 2017 ·
  1. Bridger Davis
    As I read every book, every thread, and every website. I realized that something was missing; a list of fun things to feed ducks! So here it is...

    Red Pepper Flakes-
    Mild dewormer. Mix with food weekly/monthly. It's up to you.

    Brewers/Nutritional Yeast-

    Sprinkle over feed weekly for ducklings to support growth; especially in the legs.

    Marigold Flowers-
    Contributes to healthy eggs and yellow yolks.

    Grated carrots, radishes, and beets-
    These are some of the vegetables that do not need to be cooked for the ducks to be able to eat and they are a great source of nutrients! They should be grated to make it easier on the ducks.

    Meal Worms and other bugs-

    Great for protein and a favorite treat among poultry! Here's an idea- Freeze some meal worms in water for a cool summer treat!

    Oyster Shell-
    Great source of calcium to ensure strong shells. If you have drakes, provide in a separate bowl to make sure that they don't eat it. The females need it, but it can be harmful for drakes.

    Goldfish, Minnows, and Guppies-
    Good source of protein and fun treat! Put in their pool and watch them catch them! Make it a limited treat if you get eggs from them though; it may taint the flavor.

    Sav-A-Chick Electrolyte and Vitamin Supplement-
    Great for ducks of all ages. For ducklings with no problems, adult birds in hot weather, etc. You can find this at Tractor Supply Co.

    Hope this helped some of you! Let me know what you think!! :woot:highfive:

    If you are new to byc or ducks, feel free to ask me (Bridger Davis) any questions! Or you can ask the other duck fans! @chickens really @Miss Lydia @WVduckchick @casportpony @Pyxis

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