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    HPIM0377.jpg View attachment 1075759 HPIM0370-2.jpg HPIM0365.jpg View attachment 1075762 View attachment 1075763 Hello This is my page! Welcome View attachment 1075764
    I am still learning how to make it the way I want it! This is Hannah who flew on my head the first time we took them outside. She is also the one that I had to help out of the egg when she hatched. She is our sweetest girl. Then there is Skye. He is traveling via my silly husband who did not know how to remove him. ha ha We have two others,not pictured. They are now 5 weeks old. We are hatching more out on 2/13. They are B.C. Marans. I think Skye is a Roo! We'll see. Hopefully he will not be hen-pecked!
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