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  1. Garjzla
    Members of the Gölden Øąĸŝ role play!

    @Bantambird :

    Name: Euripides
    Species: Satyr
    Gender: male
    Age: ?? Looks to be in his 20s or 30s??
    History: to be to
    Personality: typical Satyr. Loves wine, women, and song. Will woo any female, especially human females, for sport. Mischievous, but not malicious.
    Description: a handsome chiseled face with a small beard. Chestnut brown curly hair with ram's horns poking out and curling round pointy goats ears. He has sun kissed skin, and from the waist down has muscular goat's legs. He has a long horse tail instead of a goat tail, dark chestnut, and his leg and head hair match. He wears no clothing, but carries a large leather satchel and his flute.

    Name: Ayreonna
    Species: centaur
    Gender: female
    Age: 32
    History: a mother and wife. Most centaurs are very strong warriors with a strong connection to the earth. Ayreonna is no exception to this. She is also good with her hands, and a good cook. Has a filly and a colt.
    Personality: protective of her family, strong, noble, usually wise. Can be intimidating as centaur are pretty large. She is blunt and to the point in conversation, and she usually does not lie unless she has to.
    Appearance: she has a Percheron horse body, and long blonde hair on her head. Her human part is muscular and a little coarse from hard work, and she wears a simple light blue halter top. She has big brown eyes and calloused hands. She is shod on all four feet. She wears saddle bags and has a bow and arrows along with a huge 2 handed sword.

    @Cluckcluck1215 :

    Name: Sermara (sir-mar-a)
    Species: Golden elk
    History: None
    Personality: She can be cold at times, but most of the time very nice and kind.
    Pic/description: A golden elk
    Mate?: No

    History:her mother is Serena,and her half brother is Belfast.a human shot down her father,Evron,the great lead elk,also her mothers mate.her,half sister,opal as well.and her good friend brea.luckly,Belfast her and Serena got away safe.
    Pic/description:small female elk with white spots all over her back.

    History:mother brea and sister opal,shot down by a hunter.his half sister,pearl, and Serena are taking care of him.
    Description:pure golden.
    Mate?:to young.

    @cutiechook1 :

    Name: Sepia
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Species: Fairy
    History: No one knows
    Personality: Traps men and women by her beauty and charms. VERY sneaky and wily
    Picture/Description: Long, wavy black hair; crystal blue eyes; light blue dress that trails the ground; and slightly blue wings.

    Name: Keille
    Gender: Male
    Species: Golden elk
    History: Doesn't say...
    Personality: Has a way to make anyone he wants to really, REALLY like him.
    Description: Pure golden with black hooves and dark eyes.

    Name: Morgath
    Gender: Male
    Age: Old
    Species: Mortic
    History: Mysterious
    Personality: Has a VERY powerful hypnotizing stare. Mean to everyone. Cruel and vicious.
    Picture/description: Red eyes when Hypnotizing. Otherwise green. Spikes on his snake tail. Kind of purplish skin color.
    Mate?: (open)

    @Garjzla :

    Name: Vincent
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Fairy
    History: Vincent doesn't tell anyone his history.
    Personality: Vincent is misleading, clever, and cunning. He loves to trick people and cause chaos. Vincent is also a very skilled fighter.
    Picture/description: Vincent is tall, pale skinned, and has jet black hair. His eye color is blue/purple and he's very tall. His wings are golden, and most people think he's handsome.
    Mate?: Nope.

    Mate?: Nope.

    Name: Enya
    Gender: Female
    Age: A few hundred years old
    Species: Kikimora
    History: Enya used to be human, but when she died her soiled soul turned her into a Kikimora, making her stay on earth.
    Enya seemed very kind when she married her husband, but she didn't tell him what she had done over the years.
    She killed people, mostly for fun, and moved to the country so no one who knew Enya's secret could find her. After living on a farm in the middle of nowhere with her husband and four children for many years, she was finally tracked down one night.
    A group of people came to her home, and Enya hid while her husband spoke to them.
    He convinced the people to leave, and told her everything they said, asking her if it were true.
    Not even a minute after admitting her crimes, she killed her husband and children and headed back to the city she had left. Enya knew that in the end she would lose, and the end would be very soon, so she wanted to do as much damage as she could before giving up.
    Once Enya turned into a Kikimora, she ran away to Golden Oaks in despair, not wanting to ever meet another human again because she was full of guilt.
    Personality: Enya is pretty much insane. She is usually very sad, and likes to spread those feelings to others. Enya is quiet and rather graceful, but completely horrifying when she's in her Kikimora form.
    Picture/description: Enya is a tall woman with pale skin, chicken feet, claws, and a raven mask. She also wears a cloth over her head.
    When she doesn't wear her mask:

    Mate?: Nope. Never.

    @Goldenelk lover :

    Species:golden elk.
    History: None
    Personality:kind.sweet.and temps you to like her,with her sweet,soft tone of her voice.
    Description:short,golden fur,with a black stripe from the tip of her nose,to the end of her tail.she has soft brown eyes,delacict black hoofs,and black ears.
    Mate?:LOOKING!OPEN!(anybody who has a male golden elk,say so,if you want them to be her mate.)

    Name: Scarlet
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Species: Human
    History: Washed up on the shore of golden oak.
    Personality: Kind, caring, and mysterious.
    Picture/description:.[​IMG](PICTURE MUST BE CHANGED)
    Mate?: Open

    @JabbaDaHutt :

    Name:SU22 (Stealth Unit 22)
    History:Used to be in the Russian Army. He had an obsession to kill, and killed many of his neighbors. The government put that bloodlust to use, and made him a sniper in the army. The boat he was being transported to a mission crashed, and he ended up on Golden Oaks with his beloved sniper, ammo, and a pick axe. He can forge bullets out of rock.
    Personality: Loves to kill, ruthless. Has killed Evron the lead elk, along with many others. Has few friends, but he will protect them with his life:
    Picture/description:Wears a sniper outfit. (The one covered with grass and such) And a hood.
    Mate?:I actually don't know. He won't be looking for one, but if a girl gets it going, maybe.

    Age:7 years
    Species:Golden Elk
    History:He is looking for a mate. He can be Silkielover's fawns' mothers.
    Personality:Very loyal, a bit bossy, and very protective.
    Picture/description:All gold.

    @LittleBrownie :

    Name: Uta.
    Age: 24.
    Species: Werecat.
    History: To be RPed.
    Personality: Usually friendly and has a amusing way of teasing people. But he holds back his strength sometimes when he's in a lazy mood.
    Picture/description: Is a pale guy of average height with black hair styled into an under cut. Medium build. As a Werecat his fur is dark gray with various black designs on his fur, making him one of a kind.
    Mate?: None.

    Name: Paige
    Age: 17
    Species: Kitsune
    History: To be RPed
    Personality: Quiet and likes to keep herself since she's afraid she'll hurt anyone with her powers. Likes to cut herself off from people or other creatures.
    Picture/description: An ordinary Kitsune
    Mate?: None

    @Roleplaylover :

    Name: Ira
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Species: Were cat
    History: None
    Personality: Brave, kind.
    Picture/description: Black fur, green eyes. Human form: black hair with gray eyes.
    Mate?: None.

    @silkiecuddles :

    Name: Estelle Jamison
    Gender: female
    Age: 17
    Species: human (yup, I'm risking it)
    History: Estelle is the only child of a wealthy (and busy) businessman. Her mother died when she was very young, so she was raised by different nannies throughout her life. Her father finally decided it would be best if she was sent to live with her aunt and uncle. So she, along with the most recent nanny, were being sent via boat to them when the ship crashed in a storm. Estelle was the only one to survive.
    Personality: Cheery and kind, she enjoys laughing and making people laugh. Comes across as innocent and clueless, but is more clever than she lets on. Hates mud.
    Picture/description: Her golden-blonde wavy hair is usually up in a loose chignon with ringlets usually loose around her face; pale skin and blue eyes. She's medium height and slender
    Mate?: none

    @Warriorcatsrule :

    Name: Morgona
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Species: Elf
    History: She lost her parents to a human, and she lives on the edge of Golden Oaks.
    Personality: Kind, sweet, caring, and loving
    Pic/description: She has long flowing gray hair, pale skin and blue eyes. She has a black shirt with tan pants and has a silver necklace. She also has gray arm armor, and red chest armor. Her weapon is a long sword.
    Mate?: OPEN!

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