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By ga_goat · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. ga_goat
    My name is Ray Black I live in Lowndes county Ga , I am the husband of 1 wife (38 years) 2 sons 4 grand youngins 2 dogs , and 1 cat and too many chickens to count . our county bordres the Fl line and I75 runs through it . I have 8 acres with some hi ground (5 scres ) as well as some swamp (3 acres)1 acre in the edge of the low part is a dug pond .
    I have currently , 1 chicken yard (50x50 )with 20 or so laying hens , some sex link both red and black , rir ,doms,astrolop ,and some no name , but all lay good . I average 4 to 9 eggs per day all large all brown. I don't sell eggs but supply all my kinfolks with eggs ( getting more kin every week ) .
    Have 1 pen apart from the others ( quarteen pen ) for new arrivals , from auctions, trades ,,ect , Have 3 other pens 20x25 each all with their own walk in chicken houses ,roosts and nests . One with 3 BCM 2 pullets and 1 roo , one has my silkies 1 roo and5 hens , one has chickens with hi color and green feet they have tail feathers and are supposed to lay green eggs ( when they start they are 22 weeks old ) I've had people call them by several names .
    I have 1 polish and some bantoms loose on the yard they clean up behind the goats (7 goats) , I never count the bantoms because their # keeps changing .
    I have 2 cabinet incubators 1 GQF and 1 hand built , 1 ceader 60 egg hatcher and 4 or 5 brooders that will hold 20 to 30 chicks each 1 stays full . Have 16 Black jersy Giants in the brooder from 3 doz bought eggs ( eggs from my yard do better )
    I have a lot of predator problems here and on average loose 2 to 3 per month to them but i'm gaining on them .
    I am a hatchaloic but I don't need help , I can quit anytime I want, I want , I wan't , I won't .

    Me and my wife are Amway distrubators @

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