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By GAChknGirl · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. GAChknGirl
    Our Chicken Obsession
    Hi all! My name is Stevie I live here in Georgia with my boyfriend Chris we got our first chickens in April it started with Cocoa and Egore, then Scar, from then we were OBSESSED now we have quite a few chickens and we are always adding to the collection! We have a farm that consist of 2 Horses, 2 Llamas, 2 Donkies, 1 Pony, 6 Goats, 3 Sugar Gliders, 1 Snake, 11 Dogs-2 pits 3 pugs 1 rott mix 3 labs 1 basset 1 rat terrier!
    Scar-Brahma x or some sort Big & Beautiful Rooster!!!!

    Egore- Silkie Hen
    Cocoa- Silkie Hen Lays Every Once In Awhile
    Rocky- Barred Rock Rooster
    Fonzie- Mix roo! A Pain in my Rump
    Beatrice- Pullet Barred Rock?
    Curlie- Pullet Barred rock?
    Moe- Pullet Barred Rock?
    Larry-Pullet Barred Rock?
    Shept-Pullet Barred Rock
    Golden Girls- 4 Buff Orpingtons Pulets
    Samantha may be a Sam!! Ahhh - Silkie
    Sophie- Silkie Pullet
    Screech-Silkie Cockrel
    Galileo- Polish Rooster
    Sir Ernest or Wriggly-Sumatra Roo
    Lady Genevieve- Sumatra Hen
    Thelma - Mallard Duck Hen
    Frodo-Crested Duck Hen
    Hudson- Mallard Duck Drake

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