Gainesville Florida Chicken Ordinance
Are Chickens Allowed in this locationYes
Max Chickens Allowed20 per acre. ZONING RESTRICTIONS APPLY
Roosters AllowedYes
Permit RequiredNo
Coop RestrictionsYes-Property line restrictions, Noise Ordinances Apply.
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Additional Information
Sec. 30-51.1. Single-family rural residential district (RSF-R). (a) Purpose. The single-family rural residential district is established for the purpose of providing areas for low density single-family residential development that allows for the ownership of fowl and livestock. This district is characterized by single-family residential structures designed and located so as to protect the character of single-family rural residential neighborhoods. (b) Objectives. The provisions of this district are designed to: (1) Protect and stabilize the essential characteristics of existing rural development; (2) Encourage such future development to occur on vacant land where the natural characteristics of such land are suitable for this type of development; (3) Enable single-family rural development to occur at appropriate locations and with sufficient density so as to facilitate the provision of urban services and facilities in an economical and efficient manner; and (4) Allow low density development where higher density development would be detrimental to the health, safety and welfare of the community by reason of environmental constraints, open space or other factors. (c) Limitation. This district shall only be used in city-initiated rezoning of annexed property. (d) Permitted uses. (1) Uses by right. a. Single-family dwellings and customary accessory buildings incidental thereto. b. Passive public parks and recreational facilities as defined in the comprehensive plan, and which do not create an adverse impact on natural areas. c. Community residential homes in accordance with article VI. d. Family child care homes in accordance with state law. e. Adult day care homes in accordance with article VI. f. Home occupations in accordance with article IV. g. Large family child care homes in accordance with article VI. h. Fowl or livestock are allowed as an accessory use by right to any of the principal uses listed as a. through g. above, subject to the standards in subsection (g) below. (2) Uses by special use permit. a. Places of religious assembly, in accordance with article VI. b. Private schools, in accordance with article VI. c. Public schools other than institutions of higher learning, in accordance with the provisions of section 30-77, educational services district (ED). (e) General requirements. All structures and uses within this district shall also comply with the applicable requirements and conditions of section 30-56 and article IX. (f) Dimensional requirements. (See Table 1): TABLE 1. DIMENSIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR RSF-R DISTRICT Principal Structures TABLE INSET: Maximum density 1 du/a Minimum lot width at minimum front yard setback 120 ft. Minimum yard setbacks: Front 20 ft. Side (interior) 15 ft. Side (street) 15 ft. Rear 20 ft. Maximum building height 35 ft. Accessory Structures, Excluding Fences and Walls TABLE INSET: Minimum front and side yard setbacks Same requirements as for the principal structure. Minimum yard setback, rear 10 ft. Maximum building height 25 ft. (g) Standards for livestock or fowl. The keeping or raising of fowl or livestock, if allowed as an accessory use, is subject to the following standards. (1) Permitted activities. Fowl or livestock permitted in this section shall be kept or raised for personal use only, except youth projects such as 4-H or FFA activities. (2) Prohibited activities. a. On-premise sales of fowl or livestock or fowl or livestock byproducts (e.g. eggs, milk). b. Commercial raising or keeping of fowl or livestock. (3) Minimum lot area. The minimum lot area shall be one acre. (4) Nuisance prohibited. The raising and keeping of all fowl or livestock shall be done in such a manner so as not to create a public nuisance as set forth in Chapter 5 of the Code of Ordinances. (5) Limitations. The number of fowl or livestock permitted shall not exceed the limit stated in the table below. TABLE INSET: Type of fowl or livestock Limit Fowl 20 per acre Horses and other equine animals 1 per acre Cattle 1 per care Goats and Sheep 6 per acre Pigs 1 per acre Rabbits 20 per acre
11/2013 10 hens now allowed within city limits of Gainesville, no lot size restrictions, Just remember HOA rules can over ride, lots of HOAs in the area.
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