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By galvertrick · Jan 11, 2012 ·
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    Imagine being able to really play the guitar. Imagine the thrill you would get as you watched your guitar skills getting better and better, every week. Imagine the joy you would feel from playing along with your friends, or the excitement of playing all your favorite songs. Imagine the delight on your kids faces as you surprise them with the songs they love.
    Just imagine what it would be like if you had the ability to truly express yourself through your guitar; the ability to share your joy of music with the world.
    There are so many ways to learn how to play your guitar. Of course there are the traditional methods, such as guitar music sheets, books, guitar teachers, DVDs, guitar software, and guitar teaching classes.
    But now there are some groundbreaking new teaching methods, using the secrets of advanced learning techniques, and they cut your learning time dramatically. These techniques use mental visualization which activate the same pathways in your brain you would use when you play, without actually playing your guitar, or hearing you playing. This teaches you a powerful practice technique you can do anywhere, when you don’t have your guitar…in the bath, laying in bed, riding on the bus!
    There is so much to learn, not just the chords and how to strum, pick and tap. To really be a true guitarist, you have to know how to tune it perfectly in all the different modes, play scales, major and minor chords, bar chords, percussive strumming, 16th note rhythms, triplet rhythms, and don’t forget the powerful 12 bar blues.
    So, you can see that there is a lot to learn, and obviously you will want to learn as quickly as possible. I know when you imagine it, a year seems like an eternity, so you certainly don’t want to think it will take you years to play your guitar well. Do your research and find the teaching method that suits you best.

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