Garden Coop

By MisterChicken · Jun 25, 2012 · Updated Jul 4, 2012 · ·
  1. MisterChicken

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  1. Greasydog26
    I like that you added the vine ladder at the end for a plant. That will be nice in the summer when shade is needed. Nice carpentry work!!!
  2. MisterChicken
    There's a sheet of plywood for the roof of the coop. You can see a corner of it in one of the nest box pics. We kept the left side wall solid with no vents since most of our weather comes from that direction. I decided on not putting top vents across from each other because I was worried there may be too much of a draft along the roost at night. The two windows open for additional cross ventilation. At some point this summer I'm planning on building hinged "high vent" covers so I can close them in the winter if needed.
  3. Brookliner
    Beautiful coop. I like a lot of your ideas. I especially love the rafters they make the whole coop (despite having been such a pain to cut). What is between the top of the coop part and the roof. I noticed you had hardware cloth over the run part. You only put the vents (high up) on 2 sides was there a reason to put them on ajacent walls and not across from each other. I am trying to figure out how to ventilate the new coop I am building. Again love it.
  4. MisterChicken
  5. Tritia
    I've looked over hundreds of coops in the last year or so. And can honestly say...this is one of THE best I've seen.
    It's beautiful!! Great job!
  6. PAChickenChick2
  7. chicksbunsdog
    It's gorgeous!
  8. MisterChicken
    Thank you! Hopefully happy hens = lots of eggs! ;)
  9. PEI chicken
    Love the style of it! I think your hens will be very happy with it too.

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