HELLO & welcome to my page, GARDEN DADDY, here at BYC! I am Mike Millson of Jackson, TN. After many-many years of planning and talking about becoming a backyard flock keeper I decided this spring to just jump into it. Well I say, JUMP...not hardly, as I have done research, study and found everything I cold about keeping a flock of chicks in my backyard in an intercity, urban setting. I have a daily blog, well almost daily anyway, about gardening in Jackson, TN and the Mid-South in general. I call it GARDEN DADDY here at the Urban Farm. I have turned my intercity backyard lot into as much of a farmstead as is possible, for me anyway. My brothers keep trying to talk me into raising rabbits for meat and that would take a little bit of doing to get my entire back area completely "privacy fenced" and that may be in my future but not for now anyway. I have been in my home here in Jackson for almost 4-years and in that time have transformed this neglected c.1922 home into the showplace on the street. So I have also transformed an empty landscape and void of any grass or anything but abandoned overgrowth into a nice flower and vegetable garden, having won "Yard of The Month" awards for the past three summers in a row.