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By Sill · Feb 25, 2014 · Updated Mar 2, 2014 ·
  1. Sill
    I have the following to offer. All are organic.

    Succulents - these can tolerate light frost only
    Elephant Food - Portulacaria afra cuttings
    "Blue Elf" aloe cuttings, a smaller aloe variety
    Fire Sticks -
    Euphorbia tirucalli cuttings, beautiful but the white sap is toxic so beware of where you plant it.​

    Devil's Claw "Paiute" desert heirloom
    California Poppy
    Moringa - Tree of Life, by end of summer 2014

    Canna Lily - Bengal Tiger

    Herb starts
    Lemon grass
    Later in spring mint starts
    Chocolate mint
    Double mint 'Madalene Hill'
    Pepper mint
    Mojito mint
    Apple Mint

    Dragon Fruit cuttings from red-fleshed fruiting variety
    Any Greens or Lettuce especially unusual or heritage varieties
    Dwarf fruiting mulberry
    Pineapple mint root starts
    Varigated Thyme seeds or starts
    Lotus seeds

    I am willing to swap single items. I will add and delete from this list as I send and receive items.

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