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By gardendog · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. gardendog
    I am just starting, and I am going to build a coop for my daughter. I have been building things my whole life but for the most part I build bridges 30 years worth so now I need to come up with a design useing the best parts of what I have seen then put them together in my own way. This is day one keeping the gators out is a biggie so I am getting started with a 6 foot wood fence first, the four foot chain link has got to go that only slows them down a bit and to make matters worse gators always seem to get in but getting out they have problems with so you end up with a hungy conered reptile and the chickens would surly attact them. My daughter lives near a lake and right behind a wetland so we got gators, snakes, raccoons , birds of prey all just waiting so I have to build this right.

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