Hi, My name is Sandi. I am Gardengirl Sandi on this web site. I have never done a blog before but I'll try. I live in Orange County in So. Ca. and have recently purchased a 1/4 acre property. I am thrilled because I now live in what is considered the"county" and do not have any city restrictions and no HOA. If you are not from Ca. you may not even know what HOA's are (you are lucky!)

This may not seem very large for many of you that live elsewhere but it is plenty big enough for me! I now have plenty of backyard and have built a chicken coop, run, and a garden studio. The garden studio is a lani like structure that has a clear covered top and open sides (think patio area in Hawaii). I use it as a combo area: potting shed, orchid station, and craft area. This is the most functional area in my entire property. The rest of the yard will consist of fruit, citrus trees, lots of plants-flowers, and a center area with some grass and a place to relax and enjoy family, friends. I am working on the property and encourage birds and butterflies to come.

I absolutely love Backyard Chickens. I have 6 chickens that are now 3 months old. I don't think that I would have even tried to raise chickens without the constant encouragement and awesome suggestions by other BYC members. I wish to thank all of you.
I have added some recent pictures of my coop with the chickens roosting inside. Some of the more recent results to my questions include using the water mister when it is hot, they love it and Creating a roosting post out of a tree stake (see picture).

Well that's all for now.
Sandi and 1 border collie (Summer), 1 Australop (Velvet) 1 Barred Plymouth Rock (Regina) 1 Rhode Island Red (Ruby Red) 4. Buff Brahma (Honey) 5. 1 Golden Lace Wyandotte (Fiona) and 1 Gold Sexlink (Taffy). oh and 1 Parakeet (George). Great family