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Garrisonkidsduo2s Member Page

  1. Garrisonkidsduo2
    I started doing a blog page for my incubation efforts it is http://nicky-ithinkicanithinkican.blogspot.com/ . I am new to this. I remember my grandmother having chickens when I was little but that is all I remeber. Since I have had kids and my husband kind of wanted to get ducks, we got chickens. Them we started to incubate duck eggs and then got two more eggs. I haven't figured out ho to add pictures so when I do I will add pictures of my girls and the eggs when they hatch and my pretty boy my son named Bling Bling since he looks like gold, that is what my son said. Our Rooster is a buff orpington, I have 2 buff orpington hens, 4 road island red hens, 2 black australorp hens, 2 dominiquers, I had 2 more hens but i gave them to the lady that gave me the duck and chicken eggs.

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