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By Gashette · Jun 9, 2012 · Updated Jun 9, 2012 · ·
  1. Gashette
    We recently purchased 3 White Leghorns, 2 Red Sexlink, 1 Bantam Rooster, and a Turkey (female I think?- still very young). I bought them all at the local farm store.

    This is my first attempt at chickens. I figured I'd share what I've learned thus far since I'm slowly realizing it isn't as easy as it looks!

    I built a coop completely out of leftover materials I found on job sites. It's not done yet and we intend to enclose it completely. I'd appreciate any feedback concerning accessibility by the chics and turkey. I'm not really sure how to enclose it in such a way to keep out raccoons (they are everywhere) but allow the chics to come and go as necessary.

    At the moment, we gather them up and lock them in the enclosure every night. But that will be short lived as they grow larger. Any ideas?



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  1. Whittni
    Sorry - Rehome that turkey now. I had a female and a tom and they do not mix with chickens. They will scalp hens and they could be diseased from your chickens I think its called black head. Seriously bad idea and they grow way over 20 pounds even the so called midget white I had.

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