Geoff And His Girls

By sussexmarans · Jan 4, 2013 · ·
  1. sussexmarans
    We started our chicken adventure when my sister wanted to keep chickens. We incubated 6 eggs for her birthday and got two cockerels. We re-homed one because it was a bit aggressive and so Geoff was left[​IMG]
    He is our light sussex. He was our first chicken, and he hatched 2:52 on the 8th of may 2012. He loves cheese, and this christmas, we baked him a cheese cake, which was consumed very quickly! He's so friendly, and we wouldn't swap him for the world.

    His wife, as we call her, is Jenny, who is roughly the same age as him, and the same breeds. The first egg we ever got from her was a double yolker, but we don't get those anymore. She always seems to lay really pointy eggs.[​IMG]
    She is always first to the mealworms too!
    The there's Bonnie and Bella, the bluebell and Barnevelder. We bought them together from our local poultry farm. Bonnie still isn't laying but Bella is, and her eggs are REALLY round. they're like a classic duo and always follow each other around.[​IMG]
    This is Bonnie[​IMG]
    She's a bit camera shy!
    Finally there is our Maran Dorris, she did have 2 brothers Chuck and Norris but we re-homed them as well. We didn't hatch her but we've had her since she was a chick, however we suspect she may be a cuckoo orpington![​IMG]
    She hasn't started laying yet so we can't really tell.
    Thats the story of Geoff, a.k.a the BEAST, and his girls

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  1. mfpif16
    bella is beutiful! what breed is she?
  2. sussexmarans
  3. americana-lover
    Extremly nice article!
  4. chickenpooplady
  5. sussexmarans
  6. willowbranchfarm
  7. BantamFan4Life
    Geoff is beautiful! Nice pics!

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